Trend Vision One™

Container Security

Simplify container security with advanced image scanning, policy-based admission control, and runtime protection, detection, and response

Container Security
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Secure earlier

Scan throughout your build pipeline, verifying new container images as they’re built and providing continuous zero-day protection after deployment. Automated scanning and response provides instant feedback for developers about the presence of threats and vulnerabilities.

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Trusted enforcement

Make centralized container admission control part of your container security approach. Trend Micro provides policy-based management of images, allowing security teams to define the rules so only the most secure Kubernetes administered containers are deployed.

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Complete protection

Automate vulnerability detection and protection of containerized applications from build to runtime. Gain in-depth security coverage built into your CI/CD processes to discover, assess and mitigate container risks. Prioritize risks and bolster security with Attack Surface Management.


End-to-end container protection

Detect threats earlier expand_more

Address security issues before they can be exploited in production

  • Uncover vulnerabilities, malware, and compliance violations within container images
  • Detailed scans with recommended fixes anywhere in your pipeline
  • Address and remediate issues before they can be exploited in production
  • Minimize false positives by correlating patch layers with vulnerable packages in the same image

Quickly remediate risk expand_more

Fix fast with actionable insights

  • Enable developers to remediate security issues before deployment via existing tools and workflows
  • Share common policies across multiple pipelines while removing the need to hard-code rules for scan results
  • Easily review scan results through command lines or tool suite scripting language – no security expertise required

Deploy with confidence expand_more

Ensure ongoing container security

  • Detect security issues early, enforce admission policies, and ensure only the most secure containers run in production
  • Allow images that only meet specific application or organization security policies to proceed through the pipeline
  • Choose from advanced policies, such as disallowing privileged containers or allowing exceptions based on names or tags

Instant runtime visibility expand_more

Protection with full visibility, detection, and response

  • Get instant visibility of vulnerable containers and container drift with insights aligned with MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Discover and block attempts to run disallowed commands or illegally access files
  • Detect, track, and investigate cross-layer threats or activities with Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Market-leading performance

#1 in IDC's Worldwide Cloud Workload Security Market Shares Report

Achieved 100% protection rate

Named a Representative Vendor in the Gartner 2024 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response (NDR)

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