Threat Intelligence—Key in Attack Mitigation

The Enterprise Fights Back(Part IV): Building Threat Intelligence Download the full research paper: The Enterprise Fights Back(Part IV): Building Threat Intelligence

Preventing the exposure of confidential company data or “crown jewels” has been identified as a top challenge among enterprises and large organizations.

Threats such as targeted attacks will continue to affect them since threat actors will always target information.

Targeted attack campaigns can have different end goals, depending on the threat actors behind them. However, they are often conducted in order to exfiltrate data from a target network.

This category of threats tend to stay hidden in networks for long periods of time, laterally moving across systems and servers to close in on valuable information. This does not, however, mean that threat actors cannot try to become aggressive if the information they are after is somehow time-sensitive.

Even though targeted attacks are difficult to detect in a network, traces and clues can be found that serve as indicators of ongoing attacks or similar attacks in the future.

As such, it is highly critical for enterprises to build their own threat intelligence, which they can incorporate in their security infrastructure in order to mitigate risks targeted attacks pose.

Read the threat intelligence paper to see how.


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