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In 2017 Trend Micro’s CEO, Eva Chen, established the Trend Micro Initiative for Education to strengthen our efforts on user awareness and digital safety education. The parent initiative supports 3 digital safety outreach programs:

Since its launch in 2008, the first program, Internet Safety for Kids & Families (ISKF), has reached millions thanks to our network of almost 1,000 passionate volunteers, media outreach, and many partners around the world! And we are thrilled to expand our efforts with two new programs established in 2017 – Internet Safety for Home & Small Businesses (IHSB) and Cybersecurity Education for Universities (CEU).

Our objective is to improve Internet safety awareness, digital literacy, and malware defense capabilities for a safer digital world. To reach our objective our programs:


VolunteersThe hundreds of volunteers around the globe are the very heart of our programs! Our education initiatives would not be possible without the expertise, dedication, and generosity of the hundreds of Trenders worldwide.

In January 2018, volunteers introduced our ISSB program at the Small Business Expo in Dallas, TX.

We launched our What’s Your Story? Contest in Egypt with the theme, “How to use the internet in a safe and effective way?“ in 2017.

In 2017 we held a YouTube Live ISKF parent evening talk in Germany, teaching parents how to be safe, social, and kind online.

Anna Cordero, one of our CEU Philippine volunteers, spoke to local professors on how CEU volunteers collaborate with schools to help produce cybersecurity ready graduates.

680 students and 15 teachers participated in ISKF Taiwan’s talk on online safety, cyber bullying, and promoting compassion and kindness online.

Japan has been holding summer seminars to teach 4th-6th graders and their parents about safe Internet use since 2004.


Eva Chen
Trend Micro CEO & Founder
Executive Sponsor, Trend Micro Initiative for Education

"...we must use our resources to go beyond just doing our job and doing it profitably...we can have a very positive impact to society and any investment we make in it can go a long way. We are not standing by and expecting others to do it because we know social responsibility is something that belongs to all of us."

Mahendra Negi
Trend Micro CFO, Board of Directors
Executive Sponsor, Trend Micro Initiative for Education

"We aspire to make the world a better place—through our technology, home building projects in the Philippines, Give & Match programs funding disaster relief, and by freely sharing our knowledge and expertise to bring us closer to a safe digital world. We're excited to expand our educational initiatives to internet safety for small businesses and universities needing help with their cybersecurity training programs!"

Mitchel Chang
VP Corporate Social Responsibility & Education
Director, Internet Safety for Home & Small Businesses (IHSB)
Director, Cybersecurity Education for Universities (CEU)

"With malware and threats constantly evolving, we need do more than provide great products and support services to ensure a safe digital world. We must give back and empower our communities with the knowledge to use technology safely, and help train our future cybersecurity workforce with the skills needed for a healthy digital economy."

Lynette Owens
Founder & Global Director,
Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF)

"A community approach to teaching kids to think critically on their own about what they are saying, doing, and sharing online is more important than ever."

Global Collaboration

Digital safety is a shared responsibility, and we all have to come together against the bad guys! That’s why we work closely with organizations of all kinds—non-profit, for-profit, and governmental— to tackle the wide-ranging issues of cybersecurity and collaborate with experts in multiple countries.


For more information on our programs, events, workshops, and partnerships, send us an email at csr_education@trendmicro.com.

Trend Micro Initiative for Education

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