Automated. Flexible. All-in-one
Security for AWS.

Meet your security needs for AWS

Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for organizations building in the cloud, offers the broadest platform support and API integration to protect your AWS infrastructure. As a leading AWS security partner, we’ve got you covered across Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, containers, AWS Outposts, Amazon S3, and your VPC networking. Powerful. Flexible. All-in-one cloud security.

Automated. Flexible. All-in-one security for AWS. Designed for those looking to secure, build, and innovate on AWS. We’re cloud security experts—so you don’t have to be.

Trend Micro is an AWS advanced technology partner. We continuously work together, to provide leading cloud security solutions to support AWS customers and innovations.

Available on AWS Marketplace with flexible and easy procurement options, with simplified billing and AWS account integration.

Cloud migration

Gain flexibility and simplicity in securing your cloud throughout the migration and expansion process. Automatically protect new and existing workloads from known and unknown threats and inspect network traffic, protecting entire VPCs. Leveraging intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and virtual patching capabilities, you gain the security you want and the agility you need to defend against entire classes and types of attacks — without disrupting your business.

Cloud migration services

Learn how Blackbaud uses Trend Micro Cloud One to support their customers during the cloud migration process.

Cloud-native applications

Delivering fast and iterating often requires developers to leverage code in new ways, from different sources, and with the latest services from AWS, like AWS Fargate AWS Lamba, Bottlerocket, and Amazon S3. Trend Micro Cloud One protects your cloud-native applications, built on AWS, without slowing you down.

Cloud-native application services

Learn how Pivvot uses Trend Micro Cloud One to secure their cloud-native applications within their DevOps process.

Cloud operational excellence

Optimize and secure your cloud business by building a repeatable, consistent, and compliant infrastructure based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Meet shared responsibility and compliance requirements for 70+ AWS services with automated checks, self-healing, and remediation guidelines, utilizing 750+ best practice and compliance rules for increased visibility and governance.

Cloud One – Conformity

Learn how 1898 & Co. gained multi-cloud visibility and built secure digital infrastructure for customers.

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