Data Centre and Virtualization Security

Get streamlined with protection across the data centre, virtualization, containers, and the cloud

Modern data centres need modern security

You need hybrid cloud security that matches the performance and flexibility of today’s virtualised data centre – that’s exactly what Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ does.

Purpose-built to support VMware® deployments, Deep Security, powered by XGen™, uses a comprehensive set of policy-enforced security controls to automatically shield VMs from network attacks and vulnerabilities, stop malware and ransomware, and detect unauthorised system changes. Plus, your transition from on-premises virtualization to the cloud is made simple with VMware Cloud for AWS.

Use one product across all environments

Manage risk, reduce cost, and save time with a solution that delivers multiple security capabilities in a single product with automated policy management and central visibility.

Deploy security optimised for VMware virtual environments, including the latest developments, such as NSX and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

In addition to VMware, Deep Security integrates with containers and leading cloud providers AWS, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud to give you data centre security and protect multi-cloud deployments.

One product across all environments

Get proven virtualization security solution

Deep Security has been optimised for the virtualised data centre, helping the DevOps and security teams to maximise security with minimal impact on performance. It delivers decreased risk, lower operational costs, and rapid response to threats with automatic policy management, hypervisor-based security, and central visibility and control.

Optimised for VMware

Protect applications and data across VMware workloads without slowing down your business.

Make deployment easy

Comprehensive security controls can be automatically deployed when a new virtual machine (VM) spins up, removing inefficient manual deployment steps and ensuring there are no gaps in security.

Shield vulnerable VMs

Virtual patching for vulnerable VMs protects them from attacks – including ransomware attacks like WannaCry – until a patch can be applied. Your data centre stays secure without the cost or operational pain of emergency patching.

Secure VMware NSX

Deliver automated security deployment and micro segmentation and enable security event viewing in VShare with the ability to take automated actions.

Security for VMware deployments

Realize the benefits of a comprehensive security platform optimized for the VMware environment.

The tightly integrated security platform, with layered threat protection capabilities, works seamlessly with all key VMware solutions, including vSphere, NSX, vCloud Air, and Horizon VDI/DaaS.

Deep Security offers:

  • Automated hybrid cloud security to protect VMware deployments across servers, VDIs, and private clouds.
  • Fast, flexible provisioning with automatic scanning of new VMs and recommendations on security.
  • Enhanced visibility to quickly and easily monitor real-time security events.

Better performance, better security for your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) servers

Get comprehensive, VDI-centric security for virtualised computers to maximise consolidation ratios with agentless antivirus, web reputation, firewall, intrusion prevention, and integrity monitoring in a single virtual appliance. Deep Security also incorporates ESX-level caching and deduplication for further scan optimization.

Deep Security offers:

  • Consistent protection across the hybrid cloud.
  • Protection against network attacks designed to shield VMs from vulnerabilities and the ability to uncover suspicious system changes and indicators of compromise.
  • Centralised security management to maximise efficiency and react quickly to security events across virtual and cloud environments.


Industry recognised

IDC - “Market share leader every year”
(since 2009)

Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

What customers say

Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization (BIDCO)

“As IT complexity and security risks have grown, Trend Micro Deep Security has evolved without becoming cumbersome. Trend Micro has managed to keep our organization several steps ahead of cyber criminals.”...more

Thomas M. Cifrino Jr.,
Technology Manager, BIDCO

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Get started with data centre and virtualization security

One solution. Multiple environments.

Deep Security is part of our Hybrid Cloud Security solution, which lowers the cost and complexity of securing workloads across multiple environments.

Data center and virtualization security

Data centre and virtualization security

A single dashboard combines these capabilities with full visibility into AWS, Docker, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and more.