Security Fit for DevOps

Design security into your CI/CD pipeline and reduce threats from pre-deployment to runtime

Implement security earlier in the DevOps pipeline

Building better applications that meet the speed and demands of your business is what drives a successful DevOps practice. As business units migrate critical workloads to the cloud and grow their container adoption, trusted effective security controls that protect against a range of sophisticated threats and attacks need to be part of the automated integration and communication pipeline. You need the flexibility to work across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Implement security earlier in the DevOps pipeline

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Smart Check delivers robust protection for Docker images with automated container image scanning and alerts for rapid communication prior to deployment. Take advantage of a unique two-pronged approach by scanning container images earlier at build time and within your trusted registries to detect malware, vulnerabilities, and even secrets, such as TLS certificates, private keys, and passwords.

Security for teams using Docker and Kubernetes

Whether it’s contending with multiple point security tools or trying to squeeze into your organisation’s legacy IT security protocols, your DevOps shop requires the freedom to work effectively, minimise security disruptions, and adapt when InfoSec and compliance teams come calling.

Our automated pre-deployment and runtime security is designed to integrate with your CI/CD toolchain and minimise the impact of security disruptions on your day-to-day operations. You can set-it-and-forget-it, and focus on what you do best – building great applications.

Vulnerability assessment and malware detection

DevOps teams can prevent the deployment of vulnerable applications and execution of malicious files while allowing signed images to be approved automatically for deployment to production environments.

By understanding what vulnerabilities exist in a container image, you can fix security issues during pre-production. This security approach is much more effective for DevOps teams by alleviating interruptions brought on by traditional security processes.

  • Run security tests in automation alongside other automation tests
  • Catch problems earlier and create known good baselines for production software with higher levels of confidence
  • Remove disruptions caused by perimeter-based and legacy security tools that don’t fit the continuous integration practices of DevOps

Extend your security posture with host-based protection for your Docker containers

With Trend Micro Deep Security, powered by XGen™, you can protect workloads and containers at runtime as part of the continuous deployment of secured production-ready applications that meet the needs of the business.

Build secure, ship fast, and run anywhere with domain expertise and trusted security solutions designed to meet CIO and CISO requirements and provide frictionless security for your DevOps teams.

  • A single lightweight agent on the host with IDS/IPS, anti-malware, integrity monitoring, application control, and more
  • Security automation with Webhooks and a documented comprehensive suite of APIs
  • Console and dashboard visibility of your deployed containers, event logs, and notifications to address compliance requirements

Prevent exploits prior to runtime

Host OS protection

Host OS protection

Protection against vulnerabilities and attacks on the host layer for critical protection as all running containers share the same kernel

Docker and Kubernetes protection

Docker and Kubernetes protection

Protection with automated detection on protected hosts, monitoring of critical binaries, system/configuration files, and running processes for unauthorised changes that alert you of an attack

Container protection

Container protection

Protection with automated scans of ingress/egress container traffic for attacks file system activity scans, and anti-malware monitoring of running processes

Application protection

Application protection

Protection for applications deployed into serverless environments with no access to the host for DSA installation

Collectively, Deep Security provides the industry’s only full stack, runtime protection deployable across physical, virtual, and cloud container nodes.

Simplify your decision

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Get started with security fit for DevOps

One solution. Protection for multiple environments.

Deep Security is part of our Hybrid Cloud Security solution, which lowers the cost and complexity of securing workloads across multiple environments.

A single dashboard combines these capabilities with full visibility into AWS, Docker, Microsoft® Azure™, VMware®, and more.