Security for Containers

Cloud-native security optimised to protect and scale across environments, baking security into your CI/CD pipeline

Security optimised for YOUR CI/CD pipeline

You need security that can be automated to fit your current DevOps processes and ensure you’re meeting deadlines and delivering applications fast while protecting them.

Deep Security for containers delivers multiple XGen™ threat defence techniques to secure, physical, virtual, cloud, and container runtime environments and scan container images during development workflows.

Dev Ops

Build Secure. Ship Fast. Run Anywhere.

Secure your applications, and meet compliance across your evolving hybrid cloud environment with security-as-code, continuous automation, and the right tools.

Automated protection across containers and the host

Receive world-leading host security with layered protection that ensures image integrity and secures the host from container breaches throughout your continuous delivery pipeline, from design to runtime.


  • Integrated image scanning for your DevOps pipeline provides frictionless security with immediate, continuous threat and vulnerability scanning and notifications 
  • Security-as-code enables scalability and agility with deployment scripts and APIs for leading environments and orchestration tools
  • Protect against unknown threats and targeted attacks with zero-day machine learning 
  • Mitigate host vulnerabilities and threats brought on by microservices sharing the same kernel 
  • Proven protection with leading global threat intelligence, the Smart Protection Network, that continuously monitors for newly discovered threats

API-first, developer-friendly security

The Deep Security Automation Centre is an easily searchable portal of best practices, script samples, and documentation to help automate manual processes and simplify implementation for your development and operations teams

Deployment automation

Get set up quickly and deploy agents at scale with automated tools, like Quick Starts, Chef, Ansible, Cloudformation, and more.

Security automation

Automate policy creation and updates to live agents and user administration.

Monitoring automation

Detect and deploy agents automatically to unprotected workloads and monitor the operational and security health of your environment.

Reporting automation

Customisable reports and integration with leading SEIMs, like SumoLogic, Splunk for compliance reporting.

Use cases for securing containers

Migrate Traditional Applications

Migrate Traditional ApplicationsMigrate traditional applications to run on modern infrastructure, like containers, while benefitting from consistent, automated security policies.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid CloudAutomatically manage applications across your cloud platform with fewer constraints on resources, costs, and delivery of production-ready applications.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Continuous Integration and DeliveryIntegrate development practices that secure and deliver applications to market faster and more reliably using the CI/CD methodology to improve build processes and reduce runtime complications.


ComplianceMeet governance and compliance requirements with effective security for cloud environments, container development, and container deployments.

Get started with security for containers

Build secure

Deep Security for containers is part of our Hybrid Cloud Security solution, which lowers the cost and complexity of securing workloads across multiple environments. A single dashboard combines these capabilities with full visibility into leading environments, like AWS, Docker, Microsoft Azure, and VMware