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Security vs. access

The speed of cloud development challenges security teams who have no visibility into the rapidly changing environment. As teams continue to build in the cloud, new types of risks may impact resources and data. Lack of visibility into the environment can hide these risks.

Multi-cloud complexity

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While hybrid cloud environments support business transformation, they also create new security challenges that attackers are looking to exploit. When your cloud environment becomes as complex as the threats you defend against, you need complete security coverage.

Securing cloud-native apps

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The increasing velocity expected for deploying apps is putting developers under pressure. Slowing down application delivery to address security concerns is not an option, so teams make trade-offs between expediency and security.

Challenging cloud compliance

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Compliance audits and cloud governance are daunting tasks for your organisation. Not only are there more servers, data, workloads, and applications, but they are also constantly in flux. Ensuring compliance with frameworks such as NIST and PCI requires security tools built to manage the unique characteristics of cloud environments.


Relevant security for your cloud business

Trend Cloud One meets the needs of security, development, and business teams.

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Visibility and security across hybrid cloud

With Trend Micro, you gain visibility in the context of cloud resources. Discover where risks are, understand the business impact, and resolve the problems, all in one platform.

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Cloud-native security

Cloud security must fit effortlessly within your development team’s existing toolset to attain buy-in across the business. Trend helps security teams deliver expertise and automation to reduce internal friction while achieving security goals.

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Continuous cloud compliance and governance

Streamline audit evidence-gathering. Document policy compliance status and continuous protection from vulnerabilities and detected attacks. Trend helps you accelerate your compliance, governance, and assurance requirements quickly for GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, and other key regulations.

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Up to 188% projected ROI

Not all cloud solutions are created equal. As you are evaluating your transition to the cloud or cloud security tools, consider the benefits of a solution that delivers ROI beyond the traditional benefits. Trend commissioned Forrester Consulting to quantify the projected value of Trend Cloud One™.

Market-leading performance

Ranked #1 in IDC’s Worldwide Cloud Workload Security Market Shares report

Achieved 100% protection rate

Trend Cloud One can increase ROI up to 188%


How 500,000+ companies worldwide stay ahead of threats with Trend

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