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Rapidly-growing healthcare technology innovator Xsolis leverages AI, machine learning, and data science to facilitate the sharing of data and actionable insights, reducing friction between providers and payers. The success of the company’s innovative solutions has spurred rapid growth— including an appearance on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list two years in a row. Wanting to build upon this success, Xsolis sought to expand their use of Trend Micro platform security solutions to ensure they could scale with confidence.

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Xsolis’ small security team knew they needed to grow their security portfolio to keep pace with the company’s growth. Challenges included identifying and addressing security misconfigurations in their expanding cloud environment, meeting stringent HIPAA and HITRUST healthcare compliance requirements. They also had to support their move from a monolithic IT architecture to a microservices approach and respond quickly to vulnerabilities. “A lot of our protections were from an earlier era of Xsolis, so we didn’t have as much visibility into our containers as we’d like,” says Associate Manager of Information Security, Dr. Andrew Adams.

Trend has allowed us to sleep at night knowing that its security solutions are running 24/7.Companies that don’t take security seriously and invest wisely are taking on a much higher risk.

Dr. Andrew Adams

 Associate Manager, Information Security


A customer of the company for several years, Xsolis has recently expanded its use of the Trend platform based on positive experience. “Our Trend account manager always works with us to get the technology in place. I feel like he’s our advocate more than just a sales guy,” says Director of Enterprise Systems, George Cardoza.

Providing an illustration of the “extra mile” experience Trend is known for, Dr. Adams adds, “When we first implemented Trend into our environment, we had a small incident. Trend was quick to notify us of anomalous behavior, hop on a call with one of our engineers, and walk us through resolving the issue—which was honestly a little surprising.”

Cardoza credits Trend with allowing his team to sleep better, knowing its security solutions are running 24/7. “Companies that don’t take security seriously and invest wisely are taking on a much higher risk—for us, no news is good news.”

When there is a zero-day [malware] or a vulnerability announced, we know right away whether it’s something we need to take action on and how fast we have to respond. We’re realising value, and we see it every day.

Dr. Andrew Adams

 Associate Manager, Information Security


With 15+ AWS competencies and designations, Trend consistently innovates with AWS and AWS Marketplace. This led Xsolis to trust Trend solutions to secure their AWS environment and move toward their goal of frictionless security, including Trend Vision One – Attack Surface Risk Management (ASRM) and Trend Vision One – Attack Surface Risk Management for Cloud (ASRM for Cloud). The combination of these solutions enables asset visibility and improved risk analysis, allowing Xsolis to ensure that new clusters are protected and to respond quickly to incidents.

The team receives high-quality endpoint data through Trend reports, improving response time and helping prioritise issues that could improve their risk profile. “Trend Vision One – Endpoint Security helps significantly, especially with the most recent exploit. Being able to detect this threat and know that the IPS is helping us prevent it keeps the blood pressure down,” says Adams.


Adams particularly appreciates Trend Vision One Workbench feature, which enhances the security team’s efficiency in managing the millions of security messages they receive. It aids in risk analysis and provides a smart filtering mechanism to prioritise vulnerabilities. And ASRM address the challenges of compliance as well. “The cloud posture tool is key to helping us define misconfigurations and helping us ensure that we align with HIPAA and HITRUST and the NIST cybersecurity framework,” says Adams.

Finally, both Adams and Cardoza mentioned ASRM’s ability to stay ahead of threats as a standout feature. “When there is a zero-day [malware] or a vulnerability announced, we know right away whether it’s something we need to take action on and how fast we have to respond,” says Cardoza. “It’s allowed us to not have to grow our staff as fast because we get this quality data and it’s accurate. We’re realising value, and we see it every day.”


In the immediate future, Xsolis plans to expand its use of Trend solutions for container security, as well as continue its use to identify and address overly permissive policies and roles. And as Xsolis continues to grow, Trend will grow along with them. “I think our journey from two years ago to where we are now is probably a very good story in the sense that we have a great partnership with Trend Micro,” concludes Cardoza. “We keep using more and more modules of their platform. And of course, our Trend account manager is very happy with that, but we are too. We wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t value in it.”

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