Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

Protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities in your network

The cyber threat landscape

As threats continue to evolve in sophistication and speed, enterprises need effective, flexible, comprehensive security that meets the security and performance requirements of their hybrid networks.

Protect against the full range of threats in your network

Only complete visibility into all network traffic and activity will keep your network security ahead of targeted attacks that bypass traditional controls, exploit network vulnerabilities, and ransom or steal sensitive data, communications, and intellectual property.

Trend Micro™ TippingPoint™ provides best-of-breed intrusion prevention to protect against the full range of threats at wire speed anywhere on your network to protect your critical data and reputation.

Real-time security

Get proven network reliability and availability through automated, inline inspection without impeding network performance for hybrid infrastructure – including on-premises, private, and public cloud.

  • Ideal for inline deployment with multiple fault-tolerant features that support continuous uptime and high availability
  • Extend your existing TippingPoint network protection to AWS and other hybrid cloud environments with the powerful Trend Micro™ Cloud Network Protection™

Threat intelligence

Achieve protection from advanced threats through industry-leading global threat intelligence

  • Protect against known vulnerabilities and all potential attack permutations with minimal false positives
  • Protect against undisclosed threats through exclusive access to vulnerability data from the Zero Day Initiative
  • Trend Micro Research continuously explores the threat landscape to bring you the trusted insights
  • Out-of-the-box recommended settings with automatic updates provide immediate and ongoing threat protection with little manual effort

Centralised insight

Integrate and prioritise security policy, response, and visibility with centralised management

  • Gain centralised visibility into the network to make informed decisions and take immediate action on potential threats to infrastructure or data
  • Integrate with Trend Micro and complementary third-party solutions, including SIEM, NGFW and VA/VM, to enhance a layered security approach
  • Centralised management provides a scalable, policy-based operational model and enables straightforward management of large-scale deployments

Machine learning

Maximise real-time protection with patented machine learning techniques

  • Leverage mathematical models to determine if network traffic is malicious or benign
  • Block network traffic that emulates characteristics of known or unknown malware families
  • Detect and block DNS requests from malware infected hosts attempting to contact their C&C hosts using domain generation algorithms (DGA)

TippingPoint solutions

Trend Micro goes beyond next-gen IPS to address the evolving requirements of the most demanding data centres and enterprise networks without sacrificing security or performance. With purpose-built hardware, centralised management, and industry-leading threat intelligence, we provide a smart, optimised, and connected network security solution that integrates across all types of environments.

TippingPoint® Threat Protection System

Go beyond next-gen IPS without compromising security or performance

Centralised Management and Response

Centralised management with integrated security policy, response, and visibility

Threat Intelligence

Protect your critical data with ongoing threat prevention and analysis

Trusted expertise

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Trend Micro TippingPoint
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“Deep Discovery was a no brainer. It outperformed all competitors and was well-respected by Gartner. When Trend Micro purchased TippingPoint, we knew we had the best of both worlds.” ...more

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Beyond Traditional Network Detection

Trend Micro Network One™ provides a blend of cross-generational threat defence techniques that deliver faster time to protection against known, unknown, and undisclosed threats. Our smart, optimised, and connected technology ensures that everything is working together to give you visibility and control across the evolving threat landscape.

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