Trend Micro bolsters its security offering with complete device and identity protection

Protects both traditional and smart devices, on-the-go and at home

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – 19 August, 2021 – Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today announced Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate. The offering is the first-of-its-kind to protect PC, Mac, mobile phones, tablets, and smart home devices as one solution. It also brings together identity theft and dark web monitoring, WiFi protection, password manager and parental controls into one comprehensive offering, to keep individuals and families safe no matter where they are and what device they use.

Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate has been launched following research from Trend Micro which found that New Zealanders are worried about the security of the smart devices they use every day, but continue to fall short when it comes to basic security hygiene.

Routers were cited as the top concern, with 34 percent of Kiwis worried about their security risks. This was followed by smart TVs (33 percent), streaming devices (20 percent), and game consoles (18 percent). Despite this, only 40 percent update the firmware on their devices, and just 17 percent replace outdated routers, leaving devices vulnerable to cyber risks such as viruses, malware, and ransomware. This can put sensitive personal information at risk and lead to significant financial and emotional strain.

The research also found that the rise in digital devices used by children is driving increased concerns for parents, and 62 percent are worried their kids are spending too much time online. When it comes to the content they are engaging with, 67 percent of parents are worried their kids are accessing inappropriate content on the Internet, including on popular apps such as TikTok, and 64 percent are worried their children are exposed to risks online.

“New Zealanders are bringing more and more smart devices into their lives, and while this allows us to access richer content, have better communication and achieve greater convenience, it also comes with an increased exposure to cyber risks,” said Tim Falinski, Managing Director, APAC, Trend Micro. “Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate has been designed with all of this in mind. Whether Kiwis are worried about their passwords being hacked, identity theft, or their kids accessing inappropriate content, our new solution ensures that every device is equipped with complete protection against these threats both inside and outside the home.”

Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate offers:

Trend Micro Device Security Ultimate is available online and in-store at leading retailers.


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