Attack Surface Risk Management

Operationalize a zero trust strategy

Powerful risk insights for the modern SOC

Trend Micro™ Risk Insights measures and weights risk from vulnerabilities, security controls and misconfigurations, asset criticality, XDR detections, account compromise, anomalies, and cloud activity data.

  • Complete Coverage: Risk index, attack index, exposure index, and security misconfiguration trends track the attack pressure, threat and exploit impact, and live misconfigurations within the environment
  • Custom experience: Role-based dashboards streamline the unique security functions and responsibilities of CISO, CIO, SecOps, and IT operations
  • Security excellence: Impactful reporting elevates cyber risk management and maps security investments to strategic business goals

Build business resilience

Meet solution consolidation goals, compliance requirements, and cyber insurance conditions through continuous attack surface monitoring, and data, alert, and asset status inventory. Trend Micro Vision One ™ combines attack surface risk management, XDR, and zero trust architecture to support executive level business objectives.

Security operations can leverage attack surface risk management to better defend against breaches, reduce security costs, and support business operation continuity.

Discover, understand, and rapidly respond to new risk brought into the organization through corporate initiatives.

Rapid attack surface discovery, unprecedented visibility

Uncover unknown risk on the internet. Trend Micro™ Attack Surface Discovery goes beyond device discovery to pinpoint users, internet-facing domains, IPs, cloud apps, cloud storage, containers, and workloads living on the internet and within internal corporate networks.

Gain complete visibility and deliver an accurate, always up-to-date inventory to the security team. Attack Surface Discovery geographically and relationally maps known, unknown, internal, and internet-facing (external) assets. 

Continuous risk assessment and prioritization

Inform and prioritize response actions. Intuitive risk assessment, analysis, and prioritization surfaces real-time dashboard updates on all digital assets, including individual asset risk scores, OS, IP, last user, data source, number of highly exploitable common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs), and detection dates. 

Proactive, automated risk remediation

Security operations can make informed decisions to mitigate and contain risk across the infrastructure from a single, integrated attack surface risk management and XDR platform. 

Swiftly address unpatched vulnerabilities and deploy response actions across multiple security layers with a single action and automate remote access control for private and network access with Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Secure Access.

A purpose-built security operations platform

Trend Micro Vision One takes an integrated approach attack surface risk management and threat detection and response.

Industry-leading XDR

Gain a broader perspective and better context to detect, investigate, and automatically respond to threats. Trend Micro Vision One XDR capabilities uses native cybersecurity sensors and third-party data inputs from a single console.

24/7 managed detection, response, and support

Augment threat investigation for email, endpoints, servers, cloud, workloads, and networks. Extend security coverage, maximize security effectiveness, and detect and respond to threats faster with Trend Micro Service One™ managed XDR.

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