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Analysts at all levels can accelerate productivity and keep adversaries out with the latest in generative AI

The Companion Advantage

Harness unparalleled breadth and depth of data, high-quality analysis, curation, and labeling to reveal meaningful, actionable insights.

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Quicker Mean Time to Understand

Respond Quickly with Custom Step-by-Step Guidance

Pinpoint Threat Activity with Speed and Precision

Decode Potentially Malicious Scripts

Companion surfaces contextualized global threat intelligence and native telemetry insights to fight back

Maximize security effectiveness

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Enhanced accessibility and efficiency

Companion empowers new analysts to contribute more quickly and enables seasoned ones to comprehend complex scenarios better. This leads to better-informed decisions, addresses the industry's skills gap, and increases overall operational effectiveness.

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Faster, more accurate threat-hunting

Reduce time spent on manual risk assessments and threat investigations by 50% or even more. Our plain language interface explains and contextualizes alerts, triages and recommends customized response actions, decodes complex scripts and command lines, helps analysts develop and execute sophisticated threat-hunting queries, and assists incident responders in developing OSQuery queries in the IR and Forensics module.

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Accelerated workflows

Gain plain-language explanations of cross-layer event alerts, attacker scripts, and command lines. Easily access deep analysis and contextual AI-driven mitigation recommendations and automate email, help-desk ticketing, and incident reporting.

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Amplified impact

Seamlessly integrating with Trend Vision One™, Companion eliminates the risks of task-switching and alert fatigue. Trend's generative AI and LLM capabilities prioritize security and compliance, aligning with the demands of this evolving technology. Rigorous measures give you visibility into how each model handles corporate data. Additional controls and isolation mechanisms prevent the mixing of Trend's LLM with instances and training data from other vendors.

Cyber threats are borderless

6.5 T+

Threat queries collected in 2023 alone

160 B+

Threats blocked in 2023 alone

250 M+

Global sensors deliver global insights

50 %

Less time spent on threat investigation

Experts agree

"Companion can help cybersecurity teams gain better security insights, accelerate threat detection and response, and bolster their defenses. I’m looking forward to seeing the acute impact this technology will have for security practitioners, but also the broader implications in addressing the industry’s staffing and talent shortages."

Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst

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