Trend Micro Cloud OneFile Storage Security

Security for cloud file/object storage services leveraging cloud-native application architectures


Take advantage of malware scanning via the latest file reputation, variant protection, and machine learning technology, backed by our leading threat research.


Make the most of flexible integration with custom workflows through the File Scan API, which can be called by your existing tools and workflow.

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Get support for major object storage players, including Amazon S3®, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage™ service.

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – File Storage Security is supported on the Kubernetes platform within a Kubernetes cluster. Users are given access to a shell script and a suite of Kubernetes resources in the Trend Micro GitHub® repository. The images the application comprises are available in Docker Hub.

Enterprise-grade protection

Cloud-native application architectures incorporate cloud file/object storage services into their workflow, creating a new attack vector where they are vulnerable to malicious files. File Storage Security protects the workflow through innovative techniques, such as malware scanning, integration into your custom workflows, and broad cloud storage platform support – freeing you to go further and do more.

Decrease threat vectors with malware scanning

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File reputationBlock known bad files using Trend Micro anti-malware signatures

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Variant protectionLook for obfuscated or polymorphic variants of malware via fragments of previously seen malware and detection algorithms

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Extensive flexibilityTrusted scanning support for files of any size and type

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Advanced intel30+ years of cyber threat research and experience

Gain flexibility for integration into custom workflows

  • Automates file scanning to be triggered whenever new files are uploading
  • Provides easy deployment using cloud deployment integration
  • Enables workflow integration thanks to serverless functions


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Support for major object storage players

  • AWS S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage
  • Seamless deployment on-premises into a private Kubernetes cluster or in the cloud with cloud deployment templates
  • Flexible implementation options, including a two-bucket promotional (ingress bucket to clean bucket) model or efficient single-bucket architecture

Other Cloud One services

File Storage Security is part of Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for cloud builders, which includes

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