Trend Micro Cloud OneConformity

Continuous security, compliance, and governance for your cloud infrastructure

Comprehensive visibility, auto-remediation

Central visibility and real-time monitoring of your cloud infrastructure with a single, multi-cloud dashboard.

Auto-check against nearly 1,000 cloud service configuration best practices across 90+ services from AWS, Microsoft® Azure®, and Google Cloud Platform.

View your risk status and resolve violations with step-by-step guides or auto-remediation, continuously improving your security and compliance posture.

Automated security and compliance checks

Run continuous scans against hundreds of industry best-practice checks, including SOC2, ISO 27001, NIST, CIS, GDPR, PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, AWS, and Azure Well-Architected Frameworks, and CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Security Benchmark.

Leverage standardized or custom reports, auditing your infrastructure for misconfigurations with an endless combination of filters.

Enable a DevOps

Infrastructure as code (IaC) ensures deployment of the most secure and compliant templates aligned with industry best practices.

Integrate seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline with powerful APIs. Get real-time alerts of risky configurations changes and take action immediately.

Connect to preferred 3rd-party ticketing or communication providers – Slack®, Jira®, Zendesk®, PagerDuty®, Microsoft® Teams, and more.

How Conformity helps cloud builders
Key use cases

I have a cloud service storing sensitive data that is publicly accessible. How can I quickly change permissions?

Auto-remediation automatically addresses high-risk violations, such as open storage access, which can prevent malicious actors from accessing sensitive data.

My team is rapidly growing and making the most of cloud computing. How do I keep track of all their cloud services?

A multi-cloud view of your AWS and Azure infrastructure lets you see your risk status and violations so you can quickly remediate high-risk violation.

How do I keep my infrastructure compliant with GDPR and prove compliance?

Stay GDPR compliant with regular infrastructure checks directly applicable to the regulation, and schedule exportable reports required for audits.

I need pre-built and custom reports on the security and compliance status of our cloud security posture. Is this possible?

Run preconfigured or customized reports by any filter – cloud service provider, resource type, tags, rule type, date, and more. These endless combinations of filters give you complete access to exhaustively audit your infrastructure.

How do I ensure that the IaC templates my team creates to deploy cloud infrastructure are reliable, secure, and compliant before it makes it to production?

CloudFormation Template Scanning lets you shift security and compliance checking left to improve the quality of the code your team is developing. IaC template scanning checks for violations against hundreds of best practices, giving your team the guardrails to innovate in the cloud without worrying about security and compliance.

I'm concerned about unauthorized access to our cloud services. How do we prevent this from happening?

Automatically ensure IAM policies are enforced with Conformity's many IAM configuration checks.

Avoid cloud service misconfigurations

What customers say

“Conformity is more than just a security tool. It provides me with situational awareness by giving me a global view of everything that I have inside my cloud - helping me manage it and take action.”
Jason Cradit, Principal Cloud Architect, 1898 & Co.

Build in the cloud with confidence

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach to building cloud architectures that can scale over time. Conformity enables you to fulfill your side of the shared responsibility model with continuous guardrails for building in the cloud.

Continuous compliance monitoring

Industry standards and compliance requirements are constantly changing. Benefit from continuous scans against compliance and industry standards in your cloud infrastructure and immediately act on high-risk policy violations.

compliance logos for GDPR, NIST 800-53, SOC 2, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, PCI, ISO 27001, HIPPA

Conformity Knowledge Base and remediation steps

Our Knowledge base is a continually growing library that contains nearly 1,000 cloud service configuration guides for adhering to industry best practices and compliance standards. These guides contain simple, step-by-step remediation steps to rectify any risks.

Free public cloud risk assessment

Are you building a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure? Quickly find out your risk level with our automated security, governance, and compliance cloud risk assessment. Our cloud engineers will run this check for your AWS and Azure cloud environment in a complimentary session.

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