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Partnered with leading managed service providers (MSPs) to secure more than 1,500 customers in over 40 countries, Armor is serious about global cybersecurity. Their customers need powerful, proven threat protection and response, and that’s why the company built the Armor Anywhere cybersecurity solution with Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ Software as a central component of how they protect workloads across hybrid cloud environments. Armor relies on Deep Security Software to provide their customers with around-the-clock threat detection and response capabilities for their sensitive workloads.

Trend Micro gives us visibility across cloud and hybrid environments. Wherever the workload or endpoint is, we can protect it thanks to Trend Micro.

ryan smith

Ryan Smith

Product Evangelist, Armor

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United States, North America

IT Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform™ (GCP), on-premises, Armor’s private cloud environment utilizing VMware


  • Provides visibility and security detection and response across multicloud and hybrid-cloud environments
  • Enables MSPs to offer and scale security for their customers in a cost-effective way that increases the ARR and LTV of their customers
  • Helps end users maintain regulatory compliance


As a global cybersecurity software company, Armor protects customers across a range of industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, finance, and IT. These customers vary in size from small businesses and large enterprises. Armor’s customers have one thing in common: They need to protect mission-critical apps and data and meet compliance regulations no matter where they are hosted.

“Data is the currency of our age, and our customers need to protect it,” says Ryan Smith, Product Evangelist at Armor.

Protecting customer data has become more complicated as IT environments have evolved. “In the past, it was easy to figure out how to do security because everything was in one location. Today, data is all over the place: on-premises, co-located, and in the public cloud. The pace of transformation has outpaced the ability of companies to keep up from a security perspective,” says Smith.

At the same time, many people are currently working from home due to COVID-19, which has accelerated concerns around endpoint detection and response.

“We see many of our customers struggling because data security isn’t in their DNA. We built a SaaS-based security and compliance platform to help them de-risk their business and to be flexible enough to deliver great outcomes regardless of how the IT environment changes,” says Smith.

A big selling point for us is Trend Micro’s committed consumption model through AWS Marketplace, which allows Armor to simplify and streamline its costs, billing, and reporting.

ryan smith

Ryan Smith

Product Evangelist, Armor


Armor relies on Trend Micro as a key security alliance partner to provide peace of mind for themselves and their customers.

“This partnership is incredibly important to Armor. Trend Micro gives us visibility across cloud and hybrid environments. Wherever the workload or endpoint is, we can protect it thanks to Trend Micro,” says Smith.

The strong alliance between Trend Micro and Amazon Web Services (AWS) was crucial for Armor.

“Another big selling point for us is Trend Micro’s committed consumption model through AWS Marketplace, which allows Armor to simplify and streamline its costs, billing, and reporting,” says Smith. “A sign of a good relationship is someone that truly understands your use case and doesn’t treat every partner the same. Armor is unique in the market. Trend Micro took the time to work with us and arrange a licensing model that provided value for customers and was in line with how customers consume software in today’s cloud era. We aren’t just consumers and customers, we are partners who can influence the roadmap.”


Deep Security Software is a central part of Armor’s product offering, providing Armor with a full range of security capabilities (anti-malware, file integrity monitoring, IDS/IPS) in a single, smart agent. Its automated, host-based model enables automatic detection of new workloads, allowing Armor’s customers to seamlessly auto-scale their security with elastic demand.

“We’re always focused on protecting workloads and host security and visibility. Deep Security Software is the central way we get that visibility. Deep Security Software is an incredibly important part of the workload protection software we offer,” says Smith.

Deep Security Software also helps Armor’s customers maintain regulatory compliance for their cloud workloads. The solution addresses requirements and regulatory controls for multiple standards, including PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA/HITECH. With Deep Security Software, Armor’s customers can demonstrate compliance with detailed audit reports that document prevented attacks and compliance policy, as well the status of regulatory control being on within the environment.


“Due to Trend Micro’s willingness to work with us on the licensing model and their suite of modular security capabilities that protect endpoints wherever they are, Armor was able to build a security platform that met the needs of MSPs protecting hundreds to thousands of end customers. Armor’s relationship and integration with the Deep Security Software portfolio allows Armor to offer a platform to service providers where they can either consume turnkey security bundles to meet their customers’ compliance and security needs or pick and choose between security capabilities and build and scale their own security portfolios within the market,” says Smith.

This has been critical to Armor’s success in its pursuit to be the security platform of choice for the service provider market. In addition to helping secure and scale security in MSP environments, Armor continues to deliver security and compliance outcomes to its direct customers.

“Trend Micro gives Armor the ability to offer valuable security controls that are costeffective, can evolve with customer use cases as digital transformation continues to push the pace of innovation in the cloud, and eliminate complexity for customers as they look to de-risk their modern cloud environments,” says Smith.

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