Trend Vision One

Move faster than your adversaries with powerful purpose-built XDR, attack surface risk management, and zero trust capabilities


Dynamic attack surface risk management

Proactively eliminate blind spots, minimize exposure, and prioritize efforts with continuous internal and external attack surface management.

Industry-leading XDR and EDR

XDR breaks down silos and delivers greater context to quickly detect, investigate, and respond to threats using native and third-party data inputs.

Operationalized zero trust architecture

Assess cyber risk, correlate threat activity, and automate, orchestrate, and accelerate response across multiple security layers with central, single console visibility and secure access functionality.

Market-leading performance

Named a leader in the Forrester Wave™­ Endpoint Detection and Response, Q2 2022

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Micro XDR save up to 79% on security costs.

Named a leader in the Forrester New Wave™­ Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Providers, Q4 2021

Ranked #1 in the protection category for ensuring early prevention in the attack life cycle

Minimize risk with a unified solution

Advanced attack surface risk management

Shrink attack surface exposure and reduce the likelihood of a breach. Trend Vision One attack surface risk management continuously evaluates critical areas of risk from unknown and unmanaged assets, vulnerabilities, XDR detections, Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Secure Access, and security misconfigurations.

Intuitive threat detection, investigation, and response

Rapidly detect and respond to suspicious behavior, ransomware, disruption, and critical attacks that have evaded protection technology and proactive risk mitigation measures. Extend endpoint data to include native telemetry from server, identity, email, network, cloud workload, mobile, IoT, OT data, and third-party inputs.

Greater security team efficiency

Optimized automation and workflow tools

Proactively manage internal and external risks with advanced workflow and automation tools, including Security Playbooks and Sandbox Analysis. Leverage Trend Micro AI and predictive machine learning to detect threat campaigns earlier, optimize workflows, and orchestrate response across multiple vectors and improve mean-time-to-respond.

Central visibility and reporting

Single source to observe and evaluate entire IT environments. Prioritize, automate, and accelerate response actions across people, processes, and technology.

CISO-level reporting elevates cyber risk management as a business operations pillar. Risk Index scoring with industry, regional, and peer benchmarking validates security posture improvement strategies.

Integrate with your broader ecosystem

Enrich and validate XDR detections and Risk Insights. Attack surface risk management and XDR fit seamlessly into your security stack by leveraging our growing portfolio of powerful APIs, attack surface discovery, and third-party integrations. This including SIEM, SOAR, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

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"A lot of good things happen with a multilayered security infrastructure—from greater efficiency and scalability to peace of mind that our system and data are protected."
Frank Bunton,
Vice President and CISO
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