Fake Bank Notification Spam Arrives With Macro Malware

 Analysis by: Joachim Capiral

Another fake bank notification spam has been spotted by our engineers and the sample we caught is a typical example of such email-based threats. The body of the letter, designed to mimic an official notification from a very popular bank in Britain, urgently tells the reader to check the attached file in order to verify 'terms and conditions', most likely for the purpose of a business transaction. Should the reader actually open the attached file (a .DOC file detected to have malicious code embedded), the system the file was opened on will exhibit malicious routines, ranging from information theft to system compromise.

Users are always warned and reminded to never open attachments in emails coming from unexpected senders; should the sender be familiar always double-check with them through means other than email about the veracity of their supposed message first. Trend Micro customers are of course protected at all points against this particular email threat.

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: February 21, 2017 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:8.0
  • PATTERN:22900