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Author: Peter Girnus (Sr. Threat Researcher), Aliakbar Zahravi (Staff Researcher)

Analyzing the FUD Malware Obfuscation Engine BatCloak

We look into BatCloak engine, its modular integration into modern malware, proliferation mechanisms, and interoperability implications as malicious actors take advantage of its fully undetectable (FUD) capabilities.

Jun 09, 2023

Author: Cedric Pernet (Sr. Threat Researcher), Joseph C Chen (Threat Researcher)

Impulse Team’s Massive Years-Long Mostly-Undetected Cryptocurrency Scam

We have been able to uncover a massive cryptocurrency scam involving more than a thousand websites handled by different affiliates linked to a program called Impulse Project, run by a threat actor named Impulse Team.

Jun 06, 2023

Author: Earle Maui Earnshaw (Threats Analyst), Nathaniel Morales (Threat Analyst), Katherine Casona (Threat Analyst), Don Ovid Ladores (Threats Analyst)

Xollam, the Latest Face of TargetCompany

This blog talks about the latest TargetCompany ransomware variant, Xollam, and the new initial access technique it uses. We also investigate previous variants' behaviors and the ransomware family's extortion scheme.

Jun 06, 2023

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CISO Resource Center

Essential Cybersecurity Compliance Standards

With the continued expansion of your attack surface, cybersecurity compliance has become more important than ever. Gain an overview of the most popular compliance standards, including HIPAA, NIST, ISO, and PCI DSS, to safeguard your business against potential risks.

Jun 08, 2023

What is Secure Web Gateway’s (SWG) Role in Zero Trust?

Explore why secure web gateway (SWG) is important to effectively secure cloud resources and reduce cyber risk across the attack surface and the role a zero trust strategy can play.

Jun 06, 2023

Author: Greg Young (VP of Cybersecurity, Trend Micro)

Generative AI: What Every CISO Needs to Know

New technologies always change the security landscape, but few are likely to have the transformative power of generative AI. As platforms like ChatGPT continue to catch on, CISOs need to understand the unprecedented cybersecurity risks they bring—and what to do about them.

Jun 01, 2023

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