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Who Can Help Prevent Future Ransomware Attacks?

Who Can Help Prevent Future Ransomware Attacks?

The recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident may be a wake-up call for how we can protect our critical infrastructures and major businesses from cyber-attacks. “Cybercrime business” is rapidly growing and perpetrators are making billions of dollars worldwide. With the global internet, hackers can initiate attacks from anywhere to any organization around the world at any time.

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Scams and Misinformation Challenges

Scams and Misinformation Challenges

It has been over a year since the pandemic began and cyber threats have thrived during this period. In April 2020, we witnessed a huge spike of phishing emails and smishing text messages as a starting point of various cyber attacks and scams. Our research data showed spam messages increased by more than 220x during the first month of COVID-19 lockdown.

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