Sustainability & CSR

We empower our employees to do good in the world with Global Citizenship programs

Making a difference around your connected world

Whether it’s building houses in the Philippines, donating $1M USD for Japan earthquake relief, working with local parent-teacher organisations in the United States, or providing Safe Surfing ePosters to 100 schools in Belgium, we encourage our employees to share their time, expertise, and goodwill.

And by matching their efforts every step of the way, we empower them to give as generously as they can.

Since 2008 we have targeted 1% of the previous year's post-GAAP profit to fund our Global Citizenship programs, and today one quarter of all Trenders participate in Give and Match programs supporting community efforts from Texas, to Ottawa, to the Philippines.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As a global leader in cybersecurity, Trend Micro is committed the making the world a better, safer place to live, both digitally and physically. Sustainability is part of our corporate vision and core values, and we strive to integrate it in our daily operations by inspiring employees to help create a better future for all.

Global citizenship and philanthropic projects

Philanthropic giving is one of our key initiatives. With geographically diverse teams around the world, our Global Citizenship initiative was created under the leadership of Jenny Chang, Chief Culture Officer. Employees have the opportunity to help those in need by building new homes for the underprivileged, raising Give and Match donations for unforeseen disaster relief, organising annual service projects at our company sales kickoff events, and more.

TM Volunteers

Internet safety and cybersecurity education

The Trend Micro Initiative for Education includes outreach programs designed to empower communities on their path to a safer digital world. To date, we have reached over 2.9 million kids and parents through the Internet Safety for Kids and Families initiative and offered workshops, webinars, and conferences for over 30,000 small businesses and university students, thanks in large part to our network of over 1,200 volunteers around the world.

We also provided various sponsorships and resources to assist major nonprofit and educational organisations, including groups like PTO Today, National Cybersecurity Alliances, Cybercrime Support Network,, and NIST NICE Conferences.

Regions in action

In addition to participating in corporate-sponsored programs, our passionate employees often create or modify community outreach activities as needs arise. Projects include computer programming training for underprivileged children in rural Taiwan, preparing recent university graduates from Egypt for a career in cybersecurity, and rebuilding communities after natural disasters.

Fighting cybercrime

With cybercrime gaining ground in recent years, security vendors and law enforcement agencies have been working hard to secure the internet from malicious threats. We want to make sure we do our part by sharing resources and working on investigation strategies and community awareness with organisations in the private and public sectors, including the FBI, INTERPOL, various nonprofit organisations, and leading security vendors.

These partnerships have led to numerous key victories that have, in turn, strengthened our desire to see a world in which the internet is safe for everyone.