Doing good as part of our commitment to being a sustainable security provider

Committed to Sustainability

Making the world a safer, better place

Our sustainability initiatives are a big part of our vision to help create of a world safe for exchanging digital information. By constantly innovating, we enable our clients with solutions that help create a positive impact on the world and the way we live.

Over the past 3 decades, Trend Micro has helped to build a more sustainable and resilient world. Some examples include:

  • An early adopter of virtualised data centres and cloud technology. Our journey of digital transformation of traditional on-premises to cloud started more than 15 years ago and continues today as we globally shift to SaaS delivery of security.
  • Launching of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, one of the first scalable cloud-based global threat detection data source for efficient delivery of critical security information.
  • Leveraging leading cloud platforms, enhancing efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint by using Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Eliminating physical or hardware product demonstrations, by transitioning to a virtual environment hosted on AWS, Trend Micro Product Cloud has helped our internal teams, our partners, and our customers to more efficiently and sustainably demonstrate the value of the Trend Micro cybersecurity platform.
  • Shifting from traditional development models to a Dev-Ops model, enhancing our ability to address cybersecurity challenges faster and with a greater efficiency.
  • Developing and leveraging remote support, by shifting to remote threat monitoring, incident response, and global technical remote support tools have significantly reduced the need for travel and onsite customer visits.
  • Adopting a strategy of scalable office space usage and working from home, Trend Micro is working with top building management companies to reach a balance that supports our employees around the world as well as the environment. Based on this strategy, during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we achieved 100% work from home for our entire global workforce without any service interruptions to our clients.
  • Continuously investing in innovation and technologies, cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and big data analytics enable our cybersecurity platform to protect our customers in all that they do. Every year, we analyse trillions of threat queries and stop billions of ransomware and other types of attacks, freeing our customers to focus on digital transformation and creating their own sustainable enterprise.

A solid foundation for sustainability

Doing good in the community

Without the community, we would not exist. We empower our employees to do good in the world with our Global Citizenship programs

Focusing on people and culture

We know that protecting our customers is about more than just technology. It’s also about the people that work together to deliver it. We value and respect people while also strongly supporting the sustainability of our planet. That’s why our culture centres around developing employees focused on doing good and true to our commitment to being a sustainable cybersecurity provider.

Sustainability is a balance of environmental health, social equity, and economic vitality that combined create thriving, healthy, diverse, and resilient communities for this generation and generations to come.

The practice of sustainability recognises how these issues are interconnected and requires a systematic approach that focuses on both community contribution and human capital development.

For more than 30 years, Trend Micro’s cofounders and executives have led the company guided by a set of core values that support sustainability. Internally referred to as “3CIT”, our core values include 5 key elements:

  • Customers: Customers are our top priority. We are passionate about solving their real-world cybersecurity problems and enabling customer success.
  • Collaboration: We treat everyone with respect and empathy, working together to break down silos and enabling people to succeed.
  • Change: We see change as an opportunity. We are agile, always validating new ideas and pivoting quickly for better outcomes.
  • Innovation: We anticipate what’s next. We dare to fail, pushing the limits of what’s possible to create new value.
  • Trustworthiness: We are authentic and sincere. We always do the right thing, for the customer, our partners, and each other.