Security Practices


Data protection by design and privacy by default

Trend Micro lives and breathes security, putting our best data protection strategies into our products and services. We rigorously adhere to our own security and privacy standards, and we also seek outside certifications to give you that extra level of assurance that our products are secure and that we keep your data safe.

Data protection
Security for everyone

Strong security is good for everyone

That’s why we put data privacy and security at the foundation of everything we do from product development to employee access to customer support and more. Our security best practices are extensive and represent how we continuously invest in making sure that our products and your data are secure.

Data residency

Data residency and sovereignty through localized data centers

We’re committed to reducing our customers’ risk. This includes accounting for regional data residency and investing in data centers where our customers are, aligning the physical with the digital.

Data residency

Your data, secured.

See where and how through our Data collection notice page for our security offerings.

Built secure.

We have the certifications to prove it.