Trend Micro and ASUS Deliver a New Level of Smart Home Security

ASUS Smart Home Gateway, embedded with the Trend Micro SDK, makes connected environments safer

[Taipei, December 1, 2015] According to Business Insider, Internet of Everything (IoE) home devices will number 20 billion by 2019, and providing them with security will soon become a critical issue. Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security software and solutions, collaborated with ASUS last year to embed the Trend Micro Smart Home Network solution in wireless routers. By working together, these two companies have now established a new home security benchmark. The new ASUS Smart Home Gateway comesequipped with a Trend Micro security development kit (SDK) to establish safe connections between smart devices, an app, and cloud services.

“As IoE becomes widespread,” says Steven Hsu, Director of Global Consumer Sales Enablement & Business Development at Trend Micro, “increasing numbers of connected devices, like IP cameras or smart lighting, automobiles, and refrigerators, can get hacked. Personal privacy and safety can come under threat with significant potential damage at stake. Developers at Trend Micro have committed to enhancing the security of smart home devices. We feel excited to collaborate with ASUS once again to embed the Trend Micro SDK in the ASUS Smart Home Gateway. Our coordinated efforts have created a device to filter and intercept malicious intrusions and attacks from the source to protect the entire home network. We hope our example will encourage more vendors to emphasize IoT security for the home. We also would like to partner with even more hardware makers to provide more custom smart home solutions that deliver comprehensive protection for the connected home environment.”

Trend Micro has long been developing the most advanced security protection technologies,” says Jim Yeh, senior Director of the smart home department at ASUS. “We are glad to work with the leading security provider again. Besides enhancing wireless routers, Trend Micro technology raises security in our solutions to another level. By embedding the Trend Micro SDK in the ASUS Smart Home Gateway, this collaborative development offers full security features to convenient and energy-saving homes.”

New products by Trend Micro and the ASUS Smart Home Gateway will appear at 2015 IT Month in Taipei, which showcases groundbreaking home security solutions.