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With a mission of driving sustainability around the world, ADEC Innovations works with its customers to develop groundbreaking environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) assurance solutions that deliver better results for companies, people, and the planet. To support rapid growth, ADEC Innovations knew it needed to address its security posture and move to a unified, centralized approach.

“The rapid change in the security landscape, resource limitations, and new risks are always top of mind. Our customers operate in heavily regulated industries, which drives our focus on new and innovative ways to reduce and address our risk profile,” says Ed Martinez, Global CISO for ADEC Innovations.

“I’ve had great success working with Trend Micro at three organizations. This history gave me the confidence to bring them in as a strategic partner to provide an integrated, one-platform solution that could meet all the company’s security needs.”

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  • Offers one unified, integrated, simple-to-use security platform
  • Deepens visibility into endpoint security vulnerabilities across the business
  • Provides crucial C-suite reporting through the executive dashboard
  • Simplifies procurement through AWS Marketplace
  • Supported by a long-term, relationship-oriented approach


ADEC Innovations’ rapid growth through acquisitions created a decentralized IT environment that hampered visibility, communication, and control. “The fragmentation interfered with the company’s ability to effectively recognize and manage security risks. We recently shifted gears and began a new unification and globalization journey,” says Martinez. “A crucial piece of that journey is having an all-in-one platform that could provide centralized and optimized threat intelligence across thousands of endpoints.”

ADEC was also short on IT and security resources and needed a managed detection and response (MDR) service to act as a first line of defense. Additionally, to align with its transition from on-premises resources to the cloud, the company needed to be assured that any security solutions it adopted were either cloud-native or could reside in a multi-cloud environment without reducing performance or creating compatibility issues.

Trend Service One™ with Managed XDR provides ADEC with the first line of defense that I was looking for, along with a dedicated support contact to assist the company—critical capabilities for helping a small global IT department fulfill a big charter.

Photo of Edwin Martinez

Ed Martinez

Global Chief Information Security Officer, ADEC Innovations


ADEC Innovations chose Trend Micro for its ability to meet the company’s technology needs and its strong commitment to the customer relationship. “Trend Micro does an excellent job of ensuring that technical issues are addressed and resolved promptly, but where Trend Micro separates itself from other vendors is its commitment to each of its customers,” says Martinez.

Martinez knew that Trend Micro had both the technological expertise and the customer focus to deliver on ADEC Innovations’ needs. “Trend Micro works hard to understand its customers’ challenges and security, and to better assist them in managing overall risk. As customers, we cannot put a price on that attention to detail, which Trend Micro does incredibly well,” says Martinez.


ADEC Innovations worked with Trend Micro to implement a comprehensive security strategy across the board—including endpoint protection, email security, cloud workload security, incident response, and premium support. Trend Micro Vision One™ addresses ADEC Innovations’ endpoint, email, and server security needs—all integrated into a centralized threat management platform.

“Trend Service One™ with Managed XDR provides ADEC with the first line of defense that I was looking for, along with a dedicated support contact to assist the company—critical capabilities for helping a small global IT department fulfill a big charter,” says Martinez.


“ADEC Innovations now enjoys the advantages of a fully integrated, single-source security solution. Included in those advantages are crucial data-driven insights. Data without context has limited value. Trend Micro provides context to what the data actually means to a customer. This enhanced understanding has been critical,” says Martinez.

“The executive dashboard in Vision One provides context for what’s taking place in the security environment so my IT team can easily communicate risk and security posture to the executive team, regulators, and customers. That visibility leads to improved decision-making,” adds Martinez. “The new Service One reporting will facilitate our understanding of the challenges we are experiencing and assist in our resolution process,” says Martinez.

An additional benefit has been the ease and convenience of working with Trend Micro’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) counterparts through AWS Marketplace. “As a global organization with multiple procurements and payment processes, the ability to work through AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights has been a welcome relief,” says Martinez. “With AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights, buyers like myself will save time in assessing the initial and ongoing security and compliance of solutions we procure in AWS Marketplace.”


As part of its global security strategy, ADEC Innovations is looking at more ways to provide security services nimbly and efficiently to all its companies. Key focus areas include cloud and network security and mobility features for securing a remote workforce. The company expects Trend Micro to play a critical role in these efforts, particularly with the Trend Micro One unified cybersecurity platform. “The introduction of Trend Micro Network One™ and Application Security are two areas I’m excited about, as they’re on my roadmap for the coming years. Trend Micro’s continued improvement of the platform, including almost monthly additions of new capabilities, is very impressive and speaks of its commitment to customers,” says Martinez.

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