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Powerful, streamlined, automated security for your data centre, virtual, cloud, and container environments

Multiple threat defence techniques

As your business takes advantage of the operational and economic benefits of virtualization, containers, and the cloud, it’s critical to secure your virtualized data centres, cloud deployments, and hybrid environments effectively. If you neglect any aspect of security, you leave gaps that open the door to threats and serious data breaches. Plus, to comply with data privacy and industry regulations, you will need to demonstrate that you have the appropriate security, regardless of your computing environment.

Our Hybrid Cloud Security automates security within your DevOps processes and delivers multiple XGen™ threat defence techniques for protecting runtime physical, virtual, and cloud workloads, containers, and scanning of container images pre-deployment.

Be powerful

Threats are becoming more sophisticated and disruptive, increasing the risk of leaving your business unprotected and potentially damaging the reputation of your security team and organization.

Your team needs a full range of security capabilities to protect against more threats faster. Defend against vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorized changes with Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ solution – a single, consolidated tool that gives you the broadest range of security capabilities.

  • Lower operational and support maintenance, budget, and overhead
  • Ensure security throughout the entire development and operations pipeline pre-deployment to runtime

Benefit from the broadest range of security capabilities against threats and vulnerabilities across all vectors.

Get streamlined

As business demands increase and the growth of hybrid cloud environments continues, the teams and tools used to secure these environments become more siloed.

This compartmentalization leads to inconsistent security due to multiple consoles and to even more complex investigation and compliance reporting. To overcome this challenge, Deep Security ensures the consistent security and central visibility required to manage risk and meet compliance.

Get streamlined

Accelerate incident response through intuitive dashboards and actionable insights across your entire environment, so you can accomplish more with your limited resources and in less time.

Go automated

Development and operations teams are moving fast, and it can sometimes feel as though you’re losing control to shadow IT and business units. Security begins to be viewed as a roadblock, which leads to a lack of security adoption and organizational risk.

Having the right tools to fit into your teams’ current processes can make all the difference. With Deep Security, you give your business the right tools that fit seamlessly into the Dev and Ops processes without introducing friction. You become a trusted partner with DevOps while increasing security adoption across your organization.

Connected threat defence

Benefit from Trend Micro Connected Threat Defence, which enables the sharing of threat intelligence across security technologies, including:

  • Our endpoint, email, web and network security solutions
  • SIEM: Splunk, SumoLogic, HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar
  • Infrastructure Provider Security Offerings: AWS WAF, AWS GuardDuty
  • Security Tools: Okta integrated identity with SAML, Qualys, & Amazon Macie

Accelerate compliance across the hybrid cloud

Compliance with major regulations and industry guidelines, like PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, NERC, FERC, SANS, ISO, and GDPR that span the data centre and cloud. Deep Security helps with:

  • Detailed, auditable reports that document prevented vulnerabilities, detected attacks, and policy compliance status
  • Reduced preparation time and effort required to support audits through centralized security controls and consolidated reporting
  • Support for internal compliance initiatives to increase visibility of internal network activity
  • Proven technology certified to Common Criteria EAL2 and FIPS 140-2 validated
Accelerated compliance

Leverage multiple security controls through one solution

Reduce the number of security products and vendors you manage and maintain

Deep Security

Runtime workload protection for virtual, physical, cloud, and containers

  • Network security, including intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS) and firewall
  • System security, including application control, enhanced file integrity monitoring, and log inspection
  • Malware prevention, including machine learning, behavioural analysis, critical ransomware and web reputation capabilities

Deep Security Smart Check

Pre-runtime container image security

  • Get continuous container image scanning within your CI/CD pipeline
  • Utilize malware (including machine learning) and vulnerability scanning with remediation recommendations
  • Allow images that meet security requirements to be deployed automatically to production / runtime

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United Way of Atlanta

“Deep Security has been a very good fit in our data centre and provides excellent protection for our virtualized servers and desktops, and our continually changing environment. I love it.”...more

Orinzal Williams
Executive Director
United Way of Atlanta Georgia, US

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One solution. Multiple environments.

Deep Security is part of our Hybrid Cloud Security solution, which automates security within your DevOps processes and delivers multiple XGen™ threat defence techniques for protecting runtime physical, virtual, and cloud workloads containers, and scanning of container images during development phases.

A single dashboard combines capabilities with full visibility into leading environments like VMware, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.