Trend Micro Powers New Integrated Mobile Application Solution at Mobile World Congress

Go2Reach Total Solution by Trend Micro & GMobi Delivers Superior Mobile Service Experiences

Taipei, March 3, 2015 – Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in security solutions, today announced the first public demonstration of the integrated Go2Reach Total Solution during Mobile World Congress, in collaboration with software update service provider General Mobile Corporation (GMobi), in which Trend Micro a strategic investor. The new solution integrates Trend Micro’s “Dr. Safety App" and “Dr. Booster App" on mobile devices, as well as interactive gaming demo service AdPlay by Taiwan startup VMFive. Go2Reach Total Solution enables global mobile device suppliers to enhance service offers, reduce development costs, and explore mobile application opportunities. Global users, on the other hand, will also benefit from a rich, refreshing and convenient one-stop mobile experience.

One-Stop Platform, Premium Mobile Service, Content Marketing, Trend Micro & GMobi Redefines Integrated Mobile Service Ecosystem
In the highly competitive mobile device market, feature, cost and profit optimization are common concerns to smartphone manufacturers worldwide. “As leading information security expert, Trend Micro is committed to develop safe, seamless and convenient mobile experiences," said Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen. “With our mobile security expertise, we are excited to include integrated update service by GMobi for streamlined and upgraded efficiency on mobile devices. Unified services from software to platform are designed to boost product values, introduce new features with regular updates, and reduce operation and development costs effectively. Smartphone manufacturers can create comprehensive mobile security and optimal services to expand business opportunities in the competitive emerging markets."

IDC reports that smartphone shipments in emerging markets grow by 32.4% in 2014, a promising investment opportunity for mobile device vendors worldwide. “GMobi has developed inclusive mobile connectivity services and offered one-stop integrated solutions for more than 60 smartphone vendors and carriers," said GMobi CEO Paul Wu. “We have established a solid reputation in emerging markets over the years. Strategic partnership with Trend Micro will combine top notch info security protection and smooth user experiences on a single platform. This total solution will offer a broader range of value services and brand influences in the mobile industry."

Integrated Go2Reach Total Solution by Trend Micro & GMobi
With consistent commitments on innovation, Trend Micro continues to offer superior user experiences in strategic partnerships, and invest in promising startups in Taiwan. At MWC 2015, Trend Micro will reveal the integrated Go2Reach Total Solution, co-developed with GMobi. After deep integration with Mobile Care by GMobi, Trend Micro’s Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS) ensures powerful security protection to cloud management system, App Marketplace, user behavior intelligence report and payment system under Go2Reach. Trend Micro’s “Dr. Safety App" and “Dr. Booster App" are included in Go2Reach Total Solution as well to enable professional security features, smooth gaming experiences and expanded capacity on mobile devices. In addition, Go2Reach Total Solution integrates AdPlay service by Taiwan startup VMFive, so users can try app demos before downloads. With Go2Reach Total Solution on device, manufacturers can enrich service contents, minimize development and marketing costs, increase brand values in dynamic mobile connectivity, and secure strongholds in emerging markets.

Trend Micro Reveals Evolved Doctor Mobile Series
Trend Micro also showcases new features in Doctor Mobile Series at MWC 2015. The professional Dr. Safety App adds Wi-Fi check feature to ensure mobile security and transaction safety, by automatic data transmission encryption in unsecure high-speed networks. Especially designed for gamers, “Dr. Booster App" combines with VMFive’s “AdPlay" to offer the world’s first game booster with game virtualization technology. Gamers can now reduce the amount of time needed to download and login before playing new games. The debut Dr. Cleaner App offers five major features on a streamlined and user-friendly interface, including system optimization, memory clean-up, top-tier performance, extended battery life and traffic saver.