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Sure, you need to know how a security solution works, but it’s even more important to know how well it works. When put through the rigors of real-world testing, Trend Micro's products regularly outperform the competitions’. Below are the recent results from a number of respected testing labs.

AV Test 100th Certified

Trend Micro is very proud to have received the 100th Certified award given by AV-Test to a select set of vendors who have achieved 100 certificates from their endpoint protection tests over the years. We are committed to evaluating our security solutions in public tests like the ones AV-Test performs every year.

For our endpoint products, AV-TEST runs bi-monthly testing for Protection, Performance, and Usability. Trend Micro solutions consistently rank at the top of the vendors participating in the tests. Below are the 2016 results.

OfficeScan – highest overall score

Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ has achieved certification in all six tests for 2016. Over the past 3 years that Trend Micro has been participating in this test, it has the highest overall score against our key competitors as seen below. Note, Cylance has only participated in 1 of the 18 total tests all the other vendors have participated in.

Combined average scores Trend Micro OfficeScan received for the tests performed in the Protection category for 2016.

Protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and e-mail threats (Real-World Testing)

The most important category in terms of testing the protective effect of products is the test against current online threats. It involves accessing known malicious websites or e-mails in order to test whether the protection product is able to ward off attacks.

Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks (the AV-TEST reference set)

In order to increase the statistical relevance of the tests, further analyses are carried out with regard to a large number of current threats. The process involves decreasing the complexity of the test and in turn increasing the number of test cases exponentially. This test refers to the static detection of files, which includes detection with signatures, heuristics, and in-the-cloud queries.

AV-Comparatives' Whole Product Dynamic Real-World Protection Test

Trend Micro also consistently ranks ahead of the pack against 18 other security vendors in AV-Comparatives' Whole Product Dynamic Real-World Protection Test. The results above show the averages for Trend Micro Internet Security compared to all vendors, including Microsoft, which is used as a baseline for all tests conducted (10 total) in 2016.

These results are based on the test set of 355 live test cases (malicious URLs found in the field), consisting of working exploits (i.e. drive-by downloads) and URLs pointing directly to malware. Solutions are allowed to use all their protection features in detecting these wide ranging set of threats.

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(Note: Results include user-dependent scores)

Advanced Endpoint Protection test

NSS Labs conducted the first ever Advanced Endpoint Protection test which rigorously tested endpoint security solutions for their effectiveness against modern attacks on the endpoint. Trend Micro OfficeScan was awarded a recommended rating by performing well in the security effectiveness and TCO evaluations.

Source: NSS Labs

Proven email security

Trend Micro's messaging and mail server security has consistently ranked first in Opus One’s anti-spam tests, outperforming seven leading security vendors, including Barracuda Networks, Cisco, McAfee*, Microsoft, Proofpoint, Sophos, Websense (now Forcepoint) and Symantec (Figure 1). *Note that McAfee dropped their messaging security from testing at the end of 2015 and Forcepoint was added in 2016

Multiple layers of protection

Today’s ransomware and Business Email Compromise threats are typically delivered using spam and phishing emails to their intended victims. A proven email security solution can mitigate your risk of becoming infected or falling for socially engineered emails from cyber criminals.

Trend Micro email solutions utilize a multiple layer of proven security technologies including IP Reputation, Content Inspection, Newly-borne Host Inspection, and machine learning through our Socially Engineered Attack Protection.

These advanced threat protection technologies ensure messaging threats (even those without attachments or embedded URLs) can be blocked before reaching your end users.

Opus One’s methodology relies on actual corporate mail streams, manually analyzed for threats. It provides significant real-world results, unlike results obtained through automated tests based on artificial mail streams.

Figure 1: Trend Micro email security consistently leads the industry


Source: Opus One

Superior mobile protection

The smartphone has become a universal tool valued for its productivity and fun factor, but hated for the security problems it can bring. Malicious apps, including ransomware targeting Google's Android platform are continually being developed by threat actors and the number of malicious and high-risk Android apps is expected to reach at least 20 million by the end of 2016.

AV-TEST benchmarked mobile security solutions, and Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android excelled and achieved certification in the six certification tests conducted in 2016. It ranked higher in safeguarding from Android malware and Potentially Unwanted Apps (PUA) than the average of all vendors tested.

Below are the 2016 average results from these tests.

Detection of the latest Android malware in real-time.

Detection of the latest Android malware discovered in the last 4 weeks.

Detection of the latest Potentially Unwanted Android apps in real time. Potentially Unwanted Apps are those apps that may not be malicious, but could pose a security risk or leak data.

These tests also scored each of the vendors apps in a variety of areas including protection, usability, and additional security functions.

AV-Comparatives performs mobile security tests during the year. In 2016, for the second consecutive year, Trend Micro Mobile Security detected 100% of the Android malware tested with 0 false positives, tied for best in the field.

NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems test results

NSS Labs 2017 breach detection competitive testing rigorously compared the security effectiveness and total cost of ownership (TCO) of products from the following vendors:





Check Point

Trend Micro

These closed-door tests subjected the products to an array of sophisticated attacks using advanced malware, stress, and capacity loading across two protocols (SNMP and HTTP). TCO assessments included purchase price, maintenance, and operational costs. For the third year in a row, Trend is a recommended vendor for both TCO and security effectiveness. TCO assessments included purchase price, maintenance, and operational costs.

“Recommended” Breach Detection System

NSS Labs tested Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery Inspector, a network appliance that uses multiple threat engines, and custom sandboxing, leveraging OfficeScan, Trend’s advanced endpoint protection for Windows, Mac and Virtual Desktops. Our products make use of the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ global threat intelligence to detect, analyze, and respond to advanced malware, command-and-control communications, and attacker behavior that is invisible to traditional security solutions.

Time to detect

Organizations are under constant attack, so detection is critical and quick detection and response is the only way to say ahead of the bad guys. Trend Micro not only detected 100% of the threats in the NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems report, it also detected them faster. Trend Micro was able to detect 90.3% of the attacks in the first minute – 21% more than the next closest solution.

Cbp-nss Lab-results

To see the complete results for Trend Micro, download the report. For the full results of this test, visit NSS Labs.

“Recommended” Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System

NSS Labs’ NGIPS evaluation analyzed the security efficacy, performance, cost of ownership, stability and reliability of eight NGIPS devices from the following vendors:

Check Point





Intel Security

Palo Alto Networks

Trend Micro

The NSS Labs tests included real-world traffic mixes and multiple exploit attack and evasion techniques.

NSS Labs tested Trend Micro™ TippingPoint® Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System, a purpose-built system that protects against known, unknown and undisclosed vulnerabilities anywhere in the network without impacting network performance. With security intelligence from DVLabs and exclusive access to vulnerability data from the Zero Day Initiative, TippingPoint solutions defend the network from the edge, to the data center, and to the cloud with real-time enforcement and automated remediation.

To see the complete results for Trend Micro, download the report. For the full results of this test, visit NSS Labs.