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With more than 80 branches across South Africa, the leading Bank serves a diverse customer base that occupies several niches within the market. Financial institutions have long been a top target for cybercriminals globally. In addition to the security breaches and leaks that threaten these organisations daily, the system downtime required to address issues can result in financial losses and damage to the bank’s reputation. With growing concerns around these threats, the Bank needed to reexamine its approach to cybersecurity.

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  • Improves virus and malware protection
  • Provides visibility to allow managers to easily track network traffic
  • Eliminates system downtime while issues are being addressed
  • Improves efficiency with centralised, single console management
  • Accelerates issue resolution with local Trend Micro support


The Bank found that its existing malware solution was ineffective, which posed a potentially dangerous and costly problem if a breach or data leak occurred. In addition, executives and managers had only limited visibility into network traffic, so they were unable to track who was performing various tasks, as well as traffic between employees.

The existing solution didn’t allow the Bank to create groups or drill down to see network actions and traffic in detail. With its limited internal IT security resources, the Bank required support for its existing security solution but discovered that other vendors could not provide the local support they needed.

With Trend Micro, we have minimal virus outbreaks, excellent visibility, and great integration between all the products.

Security Lead


With the sensitive nature of its customers’ financial data, the bank needed a state-of-the-art security solution from a well-respected vendor that was powerful enough to keep its systems and data protected. The Bank also wanted a security partner to provide local support that would help avoid downtime. Based on their successful 12-year relationship with Trend Micro and the company’s exceptional industry reputation, the Bank chose Trend Micro to provide their IT security solutions.

When we call for support, we have a response within hours. Trend Micro has been part of our network for 12 years and we find them to be the best value.

Security Lead


To address its security challenges, the Bank implemented a powerful combination of Trend Micro endpoint and network security solutions. These solutions included Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™, Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA), Trend Micro™ Mobile Security, Trend Micro™ Integrated Data Loss Prevention (iDLP), Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Inspector, and Trend Micro Control Manager™.

“With Trend Micro’s Control Manager, all the products talk to each other. You have a view of all your Trend Micro products on one console, which makes managing our network so much easier. We now also have the benefit of having a small footprint, which means that we no longer have a great deal of unnecessary network traffic,” said a security lead from the Bank.

Trend Micro’s products provide the Bank with outstanding detection, fewer false positives, and no negative impact on endpoints and servers. “What we have now is minimal virus outbreaks, excellent visibility, and great integration between all the products. With other vendors, we found that the local support wasn’t particularly quick with regard to response time and their local skills were not up to scratch. With Trend Micro, we log a call and we have a response within hours. We feel both confident and satisfied by their support. Trend Micro has been part of our network for 12 years and we find them to be the best value for the money,” said a security lead from the Bank.


With Trend Micro solutions, the Bank no longer experiences downtime during maintenance or while issues are addressed. Because they now have complete network visibility, it’s easy for them to keep track of network traffic and observe what’s happening from a single console. As a result, the Bank has gained outstanding threat detection, with fewer false positives and no negative impact on endpoints and servers.

Because the Bank can work with a local Trend Micro team, queries are quickly solved with minimal to no downtime, allowing business to continue as usual, which is vital in the financial services environment. What’s more, issues and license renewals can be handled quickly and efficiently because of Trend Micro’s local presence and high-quality technical skills.


The ongoing relationship between the two companies reflects the Bank’s confidence that Trend Micro can be a trusted partner for continued security solution support and expertise. For all financial institutions, ensuring the highest level of IT security is an ongoing concern. In addition to continuing to update and maintain its security, the Bank is looking into encryption to secure all laptops, as well as limiting online use by employees.

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