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In 2014, the growing demand of residential and commercial property was at an all-time high, and has since driven a wider opportunity for Paramount Land, a leading property company in Indonesia, to expand business, along with its commitment to building homes and people with heart. As business requirements and standards rose, the corporation needed to adopt new business processes, which required various business and IT applications. This drove the need for Paramount Land IT to procure new physical servers, adding weight to the already complex operational and maintenance duties. The data centre was then scattered and rigid, inadequate to accommodate a growing number of users utilising around 16 business applications and a large number of databases.

Paramount Land


Property & Lifestyle




Indonesia, Asia Pacific

IT Environment

Hardware (HP, Huawei, MikroTik, Synology),
OS (Windows Server, Windows, Linux),
Applications (SQL Server, VMware, Microsoft Azure)


  • Secured environment with up to 100 percent threats blocked
  • Increased end-users’ satisfaction


Servicing around 1,000 end-users inside the company was not an easy feat and posed a higher security risk. Accordingly, Paramount Land had to secure their business PCs and IT systems by implementing countermeasures like standalone, perimeter-based, traditional security and firewalls to its data centres and antispam protection to endpoints.

This also led to trouble for IT when the antivirus became end of support, as they needed to perform a new separate subscription for each protection agent at different times, adding more unnecessary work for IT.

New problems emerged when scheduled antivirus scanning was done at an inappropriate time, during work hours when employees were using their computers. On the downside, the previous antivirus weighed down resources, forcing system slowdowns and further complaints from end-users.

The traditional protection deployed at Paramount Land was insufficient in anticipating one of the worst nightmares in enterprise security: ransomware.


“We were affected by a Locky ransomware attack and since Paramount Land aims to expand business to an ever-growing e-marketplace for property, this posed a more serious challenge to our IT team to build a more robust, comprehensive security in our environment, from data centres, web security, networks, to endpoints,” said Andi Irawan, IT Infrastructure Specialist at Paramount Land. In 2016, Paramount Land had an opportunity to conduct a free 30-day trial of Trend Micro Endpoint Security, which included integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protection, which infuses high-fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across Paramount Land and protects user activities and endpoints across all devices and applications. Together, with a leading provider of in-depth penetration testing and assessment advisory service, corporate IT concluded that the solution provided by Trend Micro was 100 percent viable.

With Deep Security deployed in our system, we now have the needed visibility and control over our IT from sophisticated attacks, bringing a next level security to our cloud environment without disrupting or slowing down performance.

Andi Irawan

IT Infrastructure Specialist, Paramount Land


The increased complexity meant that infrastructure was susceptible to downtime as a result of a system failure, delaying day-to-day business operations. IT infrastructure at that time was not able to deliver service at an optimal pace. And that was the time when Paramount Land decided to move its workloads to the cloud with Microsoft™ Azure® in 2016.

The complexity of the cloud made IT security assessments and measures more difficult to address. The security concerns often overshadow its technical and economic benefits.

To fully embrace the cloud, Paramount Land needed security that preserved its economic and operational benefits, and delivered elastic, flexible, and scalable security solutions that was compatible with the Azure environment. That was when the team decided to go further with another Trend Micro offering—Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ solution.


“With Deep Security deployed in our system, we now have the needed visibility and control over our IT from sophisticated attacks. It also helps us to instantly patch servers virtually at any event of vulnerabilities, taking approximately 1-2 minutes to patch, until an official patch by vendor is released and deployed. This stops attackers from gaining a foothold in our system, bringing next-level security to our cloud environment without disrupting or slowing down performance, as we all know that many security solutions out there can really eat up computer resources,” said Irawan. Herry Susanto, Solution Architect CRM & e-Commerce at Paramount Land, added, “Deep Security helped us easily secure, monitor, and manage all of our Azure workloads, enabling IT to gain wide visibility to analyse, detect, and block up to 100 percent of threats until today, and with the Trend Micro™ Endpoint Security Solutions, we experienced close to zero intrusions to our endpoints, increasing our end-user satisfaction.”

With robust security in place and critical security issues resolved, Paramount Land can now focus on what matters most – being a business enabler, instead of corporate spender.


Today, as Paramount Land’s property e-marketplace is gaining growth, it is expecting to explore security solutions that defend against the evolving web threat landscape, secure web gateway, and combines application control with zero-day exploit detection, advanced anti-malware scanning, real-time web reputation, and flexible URL filtering to provide superior threat protection.

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