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Impetus Technologies, a software products and services company, focuses on helping enterprises achieve their digital transformation goals. Headquartered in Los Gatos, California, it has offices in the U.S, India, and Canada with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as its customers.

For Impetus, cybersecurity is more than just a good business practice. It serves as an assurance for its customers. Impetus prioritises data privacy and security, and clearly demonstrated these priorities to its clients.

The granularity of detection capability offered by Trend Micro’s platform helped us gain much-needed visibility of attack vectors in our environment hence reducing MTTD and MTTR.


Vikas Khandelwal

Director of Information Technology, Impetus



Information Technology, Professional Services


Global - India, United States, Canada

IT Environment

2,500 endpoints with applications and services deployed on-premises and in the cloud



With the onset of the pandemic, the swift and sudden shift of employees from on-site to remote work environments challenged organisations. The increase in remote computing also created endpoint risks that many companies had not fought against before.

“The surge in cyberattacks globally complicated things further. Threat detection and response was getting harder while using our legacy on-premises endpoint protection platform (EPP). The signature-based detection was ineffective against unrecognised attacks and was unable to give us visibility around what was happening at the endpoint level that could possibly lead to an attack,” says Vikas Khandelwal, director of information technology at Impetus.

The legacy endpoint security tool proved to be ill-equipped to deal with modern security threats. In addition, the service and support for the platform was declining, and escalations went unresolved.

“In such circumstances, we decided to upgrade our endpoint defences and went to find a better endpoint security platform that also included EDR capabilities,” says Vikas.


To address risks and challenges, the Impetus team evaluated various EDR solutions. Impetus performed a proof of concept with four different providers. Using an internally developed scorecard to evaluate the various aspects most important to their security needs, the team found Trend Micro to be the best fit for its requirements.

“Not all endpoint security products are rated equal. We found Trend Micro Vision One™, with its extended detection and response capabilities, performed better than other solutions at detecting threats on the endpoint and for providing protection against the next generation of attacks. What I liked about Trend Micro’s platform was the granularity of detection capability that helped us gain visibility on attack vectors in our environment, hence reducing mean time to detect or discover (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR). While other providers had similar offerings, they were not as comprehensive, and could not provide visibility beyond endpoints. Trend Micro Vision One provided coverage for endpoints and also goes beyond to cover email and cloud workloads as well. We can now cross-correlate detections across these multiple layers which is helping us to preempt potential security threats in advance,” says Vikas.

“We were fortunate that the transition to Trend Micro XDR was smooth and without many hiccups. We faced some challenges, but the support from Trend Micro helped us handle the issues,” says Vikas.

Trend Micro Vision One not only provided coverage for endpoints but went beyond to cover email and cloud workloads as well.


Vikas Khandelwal

Director of Information Technology, Impetus


With XDR in place, Impetus now has a better overall security posture in terms of earlier detection and complete remediation.

Today, Trend Micro Vision One supports 2,500 endpoints. “We are growing at a high speed and we should have around 4,000 endpoints by next year. The cloud-based XDR will address this scale,” says Vikas.


“Our security partners must have integrity and the same passion for their services as we have at Impetus. Trend Micro gives us that. They give us the comfort that we are secure,” says Vikas.

Considering the current work environment, Impetus will be on the lookout for scalable security solutions to mitigate all kinds of challenges and attack vectors.

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