We help enhance communities, provide disaster
relief, and support families across the globe

Home Building program

The program aims to help create a better future for underprivileged families. Since 2008, employees from around the world have been building homes in the Philippines in 5-day volunteer trips subsidised by Trend Micro.

More than 650 Trenders from Europe, America, and Asia have taken part by helping build 250 homes in 16 different communities, assisting more than 1,700 families and over than 2,800 children.

Building a Future Annual Service Project

Since 2013, Trend Micro has invested heavily in its Building a Future Annual Service Project. One day each year, up to 700 Trend Micro employees gather to volunteer with local schools in need. Depending on the school’s needs, Trenders will help with anything – from building picnic tables and bookshelves, to helping students read, to delivering school equipment or cash donations.

Give and Match program

Each year, employees nominate a non-profit philanthropic organisation for 1:1 matching donations.

Organisations eligible to receive matching funds generally support underserved communities with a focus toward, but not limited to, the digital gap, education, the environment, and the underprivileged.

The Give and Match program provides Trenders the opportunity to extend their generosity and make a greater impact with their charitable contributions by collaborating with colleagues around the world.

Disaster relief

Trenders can also initiate ad hoc Give and Match projects in the case of natural disasters and crises with major casualties (e.g., earthquake, typhoon, hurricane, fire). Recent projects include appeals to help victims of the Thailand flood, the East Africa food crisis, and the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The results of our Give and Match Program?

Since 2008 13,000+ Trend Micro employees raised $4,200,000 for 120+ non-profit philanthropic organisations and for the relief of 34 natural disasters around the world

Product donations

Trend Micro’s alliance with Techsoup provides licenses of top products such as PC-cillin to 96 NGOs in 2010-2011.

Through the Department of Social Welfare in Taipei City, we’ve subsidised products to low-income families for the past five years. And when our products are not enough, we have donated boxes of moon cakes to aboriginal Taiwanese tribes for their Moon Festival.

Programming the world for kids

The program provides a better chance of future for underprivileged kids in Taiwan through teaching them a series of interesting and inspiring programming classes, like 3D printing, remote control cars, and robotics. We also work with school teachers to train them on developing and teaching the content.

Since 2017, 80 teachers have been certified and over 300 students in 11 schools have completed the training.

Working with universities

We work with local universities around the globe to help develop student talent.

United Kingdom

We work with the City of Westminster College in the U.K. to provide students with opportunities to gain work experience, showcase their work, and earn scholarships and bursaries.


In Taiwan, Trend Micro has donated funding, equipment, and servers to Taiwan National University and Fu Jen Catholic University to enhance learning programs.

United States

In the US, we’ve donated funds to the Mission College Centre for Innovation and Technology to enhance the cyber security course curriculum.