Email Encryption Solutions

The easiest email encryption for achieving compliance


Email is a vital business tool for sending and receiving even the most confidential messages. Yet any time you send sensitive information over the Internet, you expose yourself to the risk of a data breach. Organizations want extra security - but without the burden of extra overhead. 

Trend Micro Email Encryption Solutions keeps your email confidential, simplifies compliance, including meeting GDPR requirements, and reduces management costs by removing the complexity from encryption.

  • Send encrypted emails to anyone with identity based encryption
  • Lower IT costs with hosted key service
  • Ensure access to email with 24x7 key recovery


Download datasheet

Download datasheet

Protection points

  • Email gateway (hosted service, virtual, software)

Threat protection

  • Privacy
  • Compliance
  • Securing Intellectual Property
  • Data Protection

Key benefits

  • Protects sensitive and confidential data
  • Enforces policies for regulatory compliance
  • Enables increased trust among partners and customers
  • Saves time and money with hosted key management
  • Simplifies use, facilitating adoption and improving productivity

Product Suites with Email Encryption

  • Worry-Free™ Services Advanced includes Hosted Email Security
  • Smart Protection Complete includes email encryption option for InterScan Messaging Security and Hosted Email Security


Effortless key creation

Unlike other solutions, Trend Micro email encryption features dynamic key generation, built with Trend MicroTM Private PostTM technology, eliminating the pre-enrollment and certificate management hassles of PKI encryption. All you need is a recipient’s email address to create encryption keys.

No-Maintenance key management

Hosted key management helps ensure the availability of encryption keys 24x7, providing password and key recovery without the need for IT involvement.

Easier for email recipients 

Our web-based Zero Download Reader enables your intended recipients to decrypt emails without requiring them to install client software, and supports mobile devices running iOS and Android. Plus, our solutions help you comply with the regulations and requirements of partners and customers by allowing you to secure both incoming and outgoing emails and attachments.

Lower IT costs

Our email encryption solutions minimize IT administration and lower overall costs thanks to all of the above: effortless key creation, hosted key management, plus ease of use for both senders and recipients. 

Flexible encryption options

Policy-driven encryption 

  • Email gateway policies scan email content and metadata and automatically encrypt based on content, senders, or recipients

User-driven encryption

  • Email gateway policy combined with user training encrypts based email subject starting with “Encrypt” or “Confidential”


Trend Micro Email Encryption solutions

Include hosted key management service and enables recipients to read encrypted emails on any device using a web browser.

Trend Micro Email Encryption Products