Application Control / Safelisting

Shield your organization against even the most determined attackers on endpoints, servers, and cloud workloads

Within our comprehensive endpoint security we provide application control (safelisting) capabilities for:

Desktop, ATM, POS devices, and more

Server and cloud workloads

Don't let malicious software take over your enterprise

Strengthen your endpoint and server security with application control. Also known as safelisting, it lets you lock down your endpoints and servers, so only the applications that you authorize are running in your enterprise.  Using easy to manage, simple rules, unauthorized or unknown applications are blocked from executing attacks like ransomware, keeping your data safe without high operational overhead. Get application control that:

Protect your endpoints from malware and infections

Reduce your endpoint attack exposure with a combination of flexible, dynamic policies, safelisting and denylisting capabilities, as well as an extensive application catalog. Prevent point-of-sale (POS) data breaches and business disruptions that threaten your sensitive information, reputation, and brand.

Block unauthorized applications from infiltrating your servers

Our application monitoring, safelisting and lockdown capabilities let you easily protect your servers and applications that live across the hybrid cloud, with automated update processes aligned with the DevOps approach to IT.

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