Apache Log4j (Log4Shell) Vulnerability

What happened?

On December 9, 2021, public information began to circulate about a critical zero-day vulnerability that has put a vast number of services and systems at risk.

Named Log4j (or Log4Shell), this open-source vulnerability has presented many dire challenges for security teams, as it affects several widely used enterprise applications and cloud services. This includes Apache Struts, Apache Solr, Apache Druid, Apache Dubbo, Elasticsearch, and VMware vCenter.

Apache Log4j

How is the situation evolving?

It is highly recommended that all customers apply vendor patches as they become available. Log4j version 2 is now public and ready for user update. Several independent sources have published potential temporary mitigation measures that involve changing configuration files.

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How can Trend Micro help?

Trend Micro Research, along with the cybersecurity community, is actively analyzing the Log4j vulnerability. Take advantage of our scanning tool to identify compromised server applications. Take advantage of our comprehensive vulnerability assessment tool to identify compromised server applications.

Are you a target

Are you a target?

Quickly identify endpoints and server applications that may have Log4j.



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