All-in-One Security for Google Cloud Platform

Automated. Flexible. Streamlined. Powerful.

Protect your cloud workloads, containers, and Kubernetes services from the build pipeline to runtime


See and protect your cloud workloads

Discovers vulnerable workloads running on GCP and automatically shields vulnerable systems and blocks threats


Integrated, scalable, cost effective

A single security solution for deployments in your data center, cloud, container, and hybrid cloud. Expandable security capabilities to match any deployment environment


Built for DevOps

Automates and easily scales security in agile environments by integrating with Google Cloud services and DevOps tools – including GCE, containers (GCR), Kubernetes® (GKE), Chef, Puppet, and Jenkins.

2019 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Security

“Looking at a lot of different market leaders, we considered Trend Micro to be ahead of the curve with their implementation and integration and cloud security capabilities.”

– ClearData® CTO Co-founder

“Organizations running Trend Micro’s Cloud One on Google Cloud can benefit from a single, unified platform that brings together container, workload, network, and file storage security, while leveraging Google Cloud’s global and elastic infrastructure.”

– Kevin Ichhpurani, Corp VP, Global Ecosystem at Google Cloud

Security built for the cloud

Trend Cloud One™ is a security services platform for organizations building in the cloud. Receive the broadest and deepest cloud security offering in one solution and secure your cloud infrastructure with clarity and simplicity. Seamlessly complement and integrate with your existing Google Cloud toolsets.

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Tight integration with Google Cloud

Application and server protection for cloud workloads, from the build pipeline to runtime. Tested to secure workloads on the Google Cloud platform (GCP), so you get the full benefit of the cloud’s agility and cost savings. Confidently and securely embrace cloud computing, enhance your ability to comply with regulations, and meet the shared responsibility for security in the cloud.

Google Cloud

Trend Cloud One™ – Workload Security: Hybrid cloud architectural overview

Hybrid Cloud Architectural Overview

Trend Cloud One provides security for the following use cases

What customers say
"Trend Micro offers us important security coverage, with solutions for the cloud, the internet of things (IoT), and so on. There are not a lot of companies that can help us across all of those parameters."
Matthieu Vanoost,
Security Manager, Decathlon
What customers say
“We want the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, flexibility, and agility. Trend Micro security will play a big role in that effort, helping the company ensure that all data is protected both in and out of the cloud.”
Amar Narain,
Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology, Pizza Pizza
What customers say
“Companies go to the cloud to take advantage of these new technologies, and Trend Micro is helping CSP partners deliver a secure, seamless experience to their customers.”
Rick Kelley,
Cloud Practice Director, Smartronix
What customers say
"Deep Security as a Service has a rich track record on Google Cloud Platform and other cloud services. We are able to provide it to our customers with peace of mind."
Tomoji Tateno,
MIS Group, Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation

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