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Go beyond CNAPP to gain comprehensive visibility, prioritize risk, and automate response across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


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Why choose Trend Vision One™ – Cloud Security?

Advancing security from data centers to cloud workloads, applications, and cloud-native architectures, Cloud Security provides platform-based protection, risk management, and multi-cloud detection and response. 

Eliminate cloud security siloes

Shift from disconnected point products to a cybersecurity platform with unparalleled breadth and depth of capabilities including CSPM, CNAPP, CWP, CIEM, EASM, and more. A lot more. 

Comprehensive hybrid and multi-cloud visibility

Say good-bye to piecemealed discovery and inventory. One console with native sensors and third-party sources provides comprehensive hybrid and multi-cloud visibility to determine which assets might be exposed to attacks. 

Contextualize and prioritize risk

The first cybersecurity platform to assess and prioritize risk across on-premises and cloud assets based on the likelihood of potential impact of attacks. Map multiple data sources’ risk in a single index to help monitor your improvements.

Accelerate and automate response

Prioritized risk drives prioritized response so security teams can limit the scope of a threat faster. Integration with cloud provider logging services helps automate response actions with playbooks and workflows.

Maintain compliance

Continuous compliance doesn’t have to be complex.  Maintain compliance with regular infrastructure checks directly applicable — and customizable — to over 30 compliance regulations including GDPR, NIST, and HIPAA, with exportable reports for audits.

Develop securely

Less than a third of the 80% of organizations that have adopted DevOps report the ability to extensively incorporate security into their processes. Agentless and agent-based controls combine security guidance with the tools your DevOps teams need to help meet your security goals without slowing down innovation.

Key Capabilities

One platform. Everything you need to secure your cloud environments.

ASRM for Cloud

Turn visibility into decisions

Combines continuous attack surface discovery across workloads, containers, APIs, and cloud assets, real-time risk assessments and prioritization, and automated mitigation actions to dramatically reduce your risk exposure.


Assess your security posture

Scans 900+ AWS and Azure rules to detect cloud misconfigurations and map findings with dozens of best practices and compliance frameworks. Helps cloud security and compliance teams understand their level of compliance, easily identifying any deviations from appropriate security standards.


Ensure seamless security  

Monitor users, identities, and access privileges within hybrid- and multi-cloud environments to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.



Discover known and unknown risks

Look beyond your internal environment, maintaining the security posture of internet and other external-facing assets related to the customer’s domain, such as a list of open ports and top insecure connection issues.


Gain complete visibility and control of your applications' security

Correlate information across artifact scanning, runtime monitoring, cloud configuration checks, and more for the full security picture to hunt, detect, investigate, and respond to threats faster. Encourages collaboration between teams and accelerates build time securely.

Visibility and control

Vulnerability management

Focus and prioritize your security efforts

Track the number of highly exploitable unique CVEs, mean-time to patch, average vulnerability unpatched time, vulnerable endpoint percentage, CVE density, and legacy OS usage. Pre-emptively protects customers for an average of 96 days before a vendor patch is released.



Achieve the ultimate workload security  

Market-leading solution is purpose-built for servers and cloud workloads. Integrating advanced threat protection, detection and response, and threat intelligence, it enables you to streamline IT and security operations, reduce complexity, and achieve optimal security outcomes across your on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.

File security (malware scanning)

Protect data across all file storage services

Get instant scanning capabilities for any file size or type. Protects your downstream workflows from malware, integrating into your custom cloud-native processes and providing broad cloud storage platform support.

Containers and Kubernetes security

Deploy end-to-end container protection

Delivers container image security, admission control policy, runtime protection, and detection and response capabilities, ensuring the security of your containers from build to termination. 


Streamline hybrid cloud investigations and empower your analysts

Leverage 700+ detection models and global threat intelligence to correlate and prioritize threat signals as well as automate response across your environment. Integrates with AWS CloudTrail logs for insights into all user, service, and resource detailed activity. Pre-empt privilege escalation attempts, policy rollbacks, master password modifications, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) data exfiltration attempts, multi-factor authentication (MFA) deactivations, and more. Playbooks help automate response actions.

Threat intelligence

Security mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework

Deeply embedded within the platform to help your analysts map adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Industry-leading threat research helps with 25% of the container security ATT&CK techniques.


Companion AI

Accelerate productivity and keep adversaries out

Eliminates the risk of task-switching and alert fatigue. Generative AI and LLM capabilities prioritize security and compliance, providing plain-language explanations of events and mitigation recommendations.

Discover our AWS and Cloud capabilities

Security built into AWS managed services offering

Powerful protection

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Detect and protect against vulnerabilities, malware and unauthorized changes with the broadest cloud-native application protection platform capabilities for your environment.

Trend Vision One - Workload Security can automatically protect new and existing workloads and applications, even against unknown threats, with techniques like machine learning and virtual patching.

Build in the cloud with confidence

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While AWS provides secure cloud infrastructure, through the Shared Responsibility Model, you are responsible for securing the workloads, applications, and data that you run on AWS - that’s where Trend Micro can help. Our services help you map to the AWS Well-Architected Framework so you can focus on building viable cloud architectures and meet ongoing compliance requirements, keeping your environment secure and scalable.

Solving the cloud-native app puzzle with CNAPP 

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To secure cloud-native application build and deployment processes, a CNAPP consolidates important features such as runtime protection, cloud configuration, and artifact scanning from siloed tools—including CWPP and CSPM.

With a CNAPP, you can approach development and runtime as parts of a continuum that spans development and operations and not as separate security topics.

Available in AWS Marketplace

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Trend Cloud Security is the complete cloud security services platform with protection and integrations for 80+ AWS services.

Protecting 500,000+ diverse companies worldwide


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"The ability of Conformity to jump across multiple accounts to a single dashboard was really important to us."


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"With an AWS Cloud model, we convey to our customers that they don’t have to deploy, they just have to subscribe, and we knew that would be hugely attractive for them."

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