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The insight

When a zero-day exploit threatened Fischer Homes, Infrastructure Manager Troy Riegsecker and his team quickly reconstructed the company’s information security stack to enable full protection.

Infrastructure Manager, Fischer Homes
Troy Riegsecker

It’s nice to see a company take swift action. Trend Micro made it right and didn’t charge us thousands. They take full responsibility and show up for their customers.”

Troy Riegsecker

Infrastructure Manager, Fischer Homes

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The experience

Trender Chris LaFleur helped Riegsecker reconfigure Fischer Homes’ products and provided recommendations to stop future exploits. While other home builders were down for over 10 days due to the same exploit, Fischer Homes recovered in 72 hours and was given a blueprint for future security.

After our services were back up, Trend called and said the same thing was coming back. By the time I ran to my car, Trend already isolated the event and stopped it.”

Troy Riegsecker

Infrastructure Manager, Fischer Homes

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The Trender

Lafleur answered the call during the initial zero-day exploit, spending eight hours on the phone with Riegsecker and his team. He brought in other experts to solve problems and delivered a report detailing what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

Sr. Global Incident Response Program Manager
Chris LaFleur

Trend stepped up and ensured that we’re optimized correctly. I hope I never have to deal with a security threat like that again — but if I do, I’ll request Chris.”

Troy Riegsecker

Infrastructure Manager, Fischer Homes

Fast Facts

Provides full infrastructure visibility

Trend Micro™ XDR and Trend Vision One™ enabled Riegsecker to see threats or anomalies across the company’s IT landscape.

Reduces alert fatigue

Customized geofiltering in Trend Cloud One™ locks out malicious actors, decreasing overnight alerts from 70 to 80 to just 1 or 2

Enables a more efficient team

Automating threat scans, detection, and mitigation frees up Riegsecker and his modest IT team to focus on other projects.


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