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A media company broadcasting news and entertainment throughout French-speaking Belgium, RTL Belgium operates three national television channels, two radio stations, one on-demand video platform, and several online radio stations and podcasts. With a weekly audience of more than 3.4 million people—80% of the French-speaking Belgian public—RTL is a major player in the country’s broadcasting scene.

RTL Belgium


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Belgium, Europe


  • Amplifies the company’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents with speed, efficiency, and clarity
  • Provides a single console for case management, case and ticket response, and incident resolution
  • Automates and accelerates response time across multiple security vectors


The roadblocks faced by the media are primarily technological in nature, as it’s impossible to create and broadcast quality content nowadays that meets listeners’ and viewers’ expectations without high-end digital and data technologies. The technology in question requires a distinctive approach, but its main purpose is to ensure the security and continuity of broadcasting activity. “We broadcast content, and we must both ensure continuity and prevent the broadcasting of undesirable content,” explains IT Security Systems Administrator at RTL Belgium, Nelson Duelz.

RTL’s high profile makes the organization a prime target for cybercriminals. Potential security problems must be identified and fixed as fast as possible to control the risk and maintain a secure broadcasting environment. Thanks to the security solutions already in place, RTL can withstand these threats. “Naturally, attempts are made, including phishing, spyware, and ransomware. But we have been able to detect and block them thanks to our tools and the care we take over security,” says Duelz.

Trend provides us with the necessary solutions and we’re satisfied with the services and products being provided, there is no reason for us to change.


Nelson Duelz

IT Security Systems Administrator


The relationship between RTL and Trend has existed for more than 20 years, which is unusual in the cybersecurity field. RTL has just extended its commitment by another three years, indicating its continued satisfaction in Trend solutions and services. “Trend provides us with the necessary solutions and we’re satisfied with the services and products being provided, there is no reason for us to change,” adds Duelz.


RTL has always been keen to move its security forward and had already taken a step towards the latest XDR technologies from the Trend Vision One unified cybersecurity platform. RTL has now decided to migrate all its Trend solutions, formerly managed onsite, to Trend Vision One.

This move towards advanced security solutions demonstrates RTL’s continued commitment to protecting its broadcasting operations in an ever-changing media landscape.


“This is a real asset, saving time, money and resources,” says Duelz. “With Trend Vision One we no longer have to manage the servers that host the solutions. Everything is in the cloud, available, and kept up to date by Trend. We can spend this time on other tasks,” he continues. “What’s more, the most advanced technologies are only available in this SaaS model these days.”

“Moving to a cloud environment is certainly a step forward but is increasingly becoming a necessity,” adds Trend Micro Sales Engineer, Maxime Masset. “We’re in a world that’s become connected and mobile, and keeping your security system locked away makes it weaker and more vulnerable. We need to be able to make it more flexible and accessible.”

With Trend Vision One we no longer have to manage the servers that host the solutions. Everything is in the cloud, available and kept up to date by Trend Micro.

Nelson Duelz

IT Security Systems Administrator


In addition to adopting the Trend Vision One cybersecurity platform, RTL has chosen to make use of the services offered by Trend. Trend Service One Complete provides support to RTL with an XDR service offering that’s managed 24/7. Trend experts monitor and analyze events and alert RTL’s teams in the case of an emergency. “We see this service as an extension of our security teams,” says Duelz. “It’s difficult for us to keep a constant eye on alerts and analyze them in-depth, so it’s obviously a relief to know that we can rely on these teams of specialists.”

A customer service manager has also been allocated to provide assistance and recommendations on the use of solutions, coordinating interactions between the different teams and responding to any questions or requests. “He immediately took charge of integrating the service and helped us get started with the platform,” concludes Duelz. “We like the fact that he’s a local person, as it makes communication much easier.”

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