We're committed to protecting your privacy

Our business is cybersecurity, and everything we do centers around making the world safe for exchanging digital information. This includes keeping our customer and partner information private and secure. You can find everything you need on this page to help you understand how we protect your data against loss, theft, or misuse, regardless of where it resides.

Global privacy notice

Our privacy notice outlines what information we collect from you, what we do with it, and how we protect it. We understand how important your personal information is to you, so we take appropriate security measures to protect it against loss, theft, or misuse. 

Responsible AI statement

We understand the importance of responsibly using artificial intelligence, including new approaches like generative AI. We are committed to ensuring the many uses of AI are applied in ways that are to be expected from trusted leader in cybersecurity. 

Individual rights

To exercise any of your individual rights under applicable laws and view instructions on how to set your preferences for marketing communications, click the link below.

Recruitment privacy notice

We respect the privacy rights of individuals and are committed to handling personal information responsibly and in accordance with applicable law.

CCTV notice

Trend Micro operates a closed-circuit television (CCTV) at our offices globally for security purposes.

Data collection notice

Disclosure on what kind of data a Trend Micro product collects and how you can opt-out of the collection

Data processing addendum

View the Trend Micro Data Processing Addendum

Data use statement

Trend Micro collects information you actively provide when you do business with us. We also collect certain information automatically from your devices.

Global SaaS data centres

Having cybersecurity offerings within a region is important for complying with data protection and privacy regulations. We are helping enterprises meet data residency and sovereignty requirements through regionalised SaaS data centres.


View a list of Trend Micro’s processors and subprocessors

Security measures

Trend Micro implements security measures to protect your personal information.

Security best practices

Our security best practices are extensive and represent how we continuously invest in making sure that our products and your data are secure.

Transfer impact assessments

We ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect the privacy and rights of the individuals whose data is being transferred

Platform privacy overviews

Cloud security

The latest information on the security, privacy, and compliance details for our cloud security.

SaaS application security

The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Cloud App Security.


The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Worry-Free Business Security Services.

Endpoint security

The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Trend Micro Apex One.

Email security

The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Trend Micro Email Security.


The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Trend Vision One.

Web security

The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Trend Micro Web Security.


The latest information on the security, privacy and compliance details for Worry-Free Business Security Services.

Contact our data privacy officers

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Other important privacy items

External standards certifications

See all of our certifications in one place.

Government data requests

Trend’s procedure for responding to requests from law enforcement or other government authority.

Get help with global data privacy compliance

Solve the top 5 challenges around data privacy compliance.

Frequently asked questions

Does the GDPR apply to companies not based in the EU?

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Yes. The GDPR applies to entities that collect or process  personal data of individuals in the EU, even if the entity is not established in the EU. For example, the GDPR applies if the entity is offering goods and services targeted at EU data subjects or is monitoring their behavior within the EU.

What are the resources available to me as Trend's customer?

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Trend has implemented a comprehensive Privacy Program to address our responsibilities as data processor.

We have updated the terms of our License Agreements, Data Processing Addendum (DPA) and Global Privacy Notice to address applicable data privacy regulations.   

You can find copies of our License Agreements, DPA, and Global Privacy Notice at the following links:

License Agreements -


Global Privacy Notice -

How does Trend address any personal data transfers outside of the EEA/UK?

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Trend has extensive Technical and Organizational Measures in place, has taken into account the EDPB’s Recommendations, carried out appropriate Transfer International Assessments (TIA’s), and put in place a Governmental Request Policy. All these measures protect any transfer of personal data that may occur from the EEAQ/UK to countries who may not currently have adequacy decisions from the EU in place.

How can Trend help its customers with data privacy compliance?

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As a leader in cybersecurity operating in over 65 countries, our approach to data privacy is comprehensive and holistic. We’re committed to data privacy and we work across the organisation to ensure that wherever personal data resides, we know about it and treat it appropriately.

How does Trend implement the changes resulting from the Schrems II EU court decision?

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We carry out frequent assessments of our additional security measures and other relevant activities in third countries to which we export data. We also closely monitor developments in legal guidelines and regulations to ensure our protection is at the highest compliance standards.

Please see our TIAs located at US, Taiwan and Philippines

Please see our DPA located at

Please see our Governmental Request Policy

Who is Trend's Data Protection Officer?

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Trend takes data privacy very seriously and so has in place data privacy advocates across the globe.


Contact: Lianne Harcup
Trend Micro EMEA Limited, c/o Data
Protection Officer, Median House, IDA Business and Technology Park, Model Farm Road,
Cork, Ireland.


Trend maintains an existing external DPO for Germany per current requirements. The contact details are:
HEC Harald Eul Consulting GmbH

Contact: John Chen
Address: Trend Micro Incorporated
               225 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 1500
               Irving, Texas 75062

Contact: Rishi Chawla
Address: Trend Micro India Pvt. Ltd. 10th floor,
EROS Corporate Tower Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019 India

Contact: Hirokazu Kizuka / Ko Okazawa
Address: JR SHINJUKU MIRAINA TOWER, 4-1-6, Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022 Japan

What types of data do Trend products collect?

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Where can I find a list of subprocessors used by Trend products?

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Where are the data centres located that host Trend's SaaS solutions located?

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How do I request a SOC2 report?

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Where can I find Trend product certifications?

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How do I request a copy of the information that you collect on me?

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For individual data deletion requests, please visit Individual Rights

How do I request deletion of my personal information?

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For individual data deletion requests, please visit Individual Rights

Where can I view Trend's security practices?

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Additional questions?

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For any questions about GDPR and Trend please contact us at You may also find helpful resources at Legal Policies and Agreements


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