The Trend Micro Expert Insight Series

The Expert Insight series are video sessions where Trend Micro Forward Looking Threat Researchers speak their mind on the latest security news, trends, and technologies. Find out what they have to say and where they stand on current issues, trending topics, the status of cyber security today, and the threat landscape of tomorrow.

The Collaboration between Private Orgs and Law Enforcement

Trend Micro Senior Director of Forward Looking Research Martin Roesler explains the importance of collaboration between private institutions and public agencies to battle cybercrime, and how different organizations can work together to ensure a safer cyber-landscape.

The Deep Web

For most users, the Visible Web is all that they'll ever need, where information, products, and services can be readily accessed or searched for. But little is known about the Deep Web. What is it? How does it work? Is it legal? Is it real?

Ransomware Today

Trend Micro Senior Threat researcher David Sancho shares his insights on ransomware today, how to mitigate the effects of an attack, and how it's expected to evolve in the coming years.

Why PoS Malware Will Continue to be a Threat

The explosion of data breaches and PoS RAM scrapers have shown that retailers will continue to be a prime target of attackers. Senior threat researcher Numaan Huq sheds more light on PoS malware, and other future threats.


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