Flight MH17 Tragedy Being Leveraged For Insurance Spam

 Analysis by: Emmanuel Nisperos

News about the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 tragedy had spread like wildfire through social media sites and broadcasting networks around the world. More than the lamentable death toll, the fact that the airliner was shot down by missiles also adds to the controvery surrounding the tragedy, with parties from the Ukraine and Russia being blamed for the act.

Predictably, cybercriminals around the world have begun to use this event in attacking their victims. For this particular mail sample, spammers indirectly used news articles about the MH17 airliner tragedy in order to bypass email spam filters. The proferred on the mail sample redirects to a landing web page offering insurance and other services.

While this attack is non-malicious, it could easily have been, and may have resulted in malware infection - and we know how serious those can be. We once again remind users to never click on links or attachments inside suspicious mail from unknown/unfamiliar senders. 

All Trend Micro security offerings block the elements related to this spam attack.

  • ENGINE:7.5
  • PATTERN:0834