Fake World Cup Online Banking Spam Leads To Phishing Page

 Analysis by: Michael Angelo Casayuran

Cybercriminals once more prove that they're not above taking advantage of a global event that helps establish camaraderie between nations - as our team of engineers have received spam samples that pretend to be promotional email from Neteller, an electronic money transfer company. The promotional email of course uses the 2014 World Cup as its lure, along with a chance to win up to US$60,000. 

The spammer used legitimate email templates of Neteller and replaced the links with a fake domain that will lead to a phishing website that looks identical to the legitimate one. The way that the bait of this phishing attack is presented is quite uncommon, because most phishing attacks that we see lure their victims by telling that something illegal has been done to their account. In this instance, the spammer used Neteller's currently-existing promo campaign to trick potential victims into giving out their account information.

Trend Micro security offerings block all the elements involved in this attack, from the spammed email to the phishing link.
  • PATTERN:0792