Trend Micro Employees Lured via Spam

 Analysis by: Fjordan Allego

Most targeted attacks are typically carried out by attackers via social engineering. Email is one of the known entry points of attackers. In this spammed message, attackers are trying to influence employees of Trend Micro to act upon the email. The From field reflects a name of a Trend Micro executive - an attempt on the attacker's part to convince recipients that this is an important message.

Shortly after receiving the first message, a follow-up email is sent:

Further analysis of the spammed messages shows spoofed sender information and the mail header shows the true email address used in sending the message. Businesses and employees are both concerned on this matter as this may lead to possible targeted attacks in the future. A strong understanding and implementation of IT security in every business is invaluable.

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: January 07, 2015 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:7.5
  • PATTERN:1229