Fake Negative Comments Spam Run Emerges, Leads to Commercial Sites

When you receive an email message stating that a negative comment about you is posted online, it will get your attention. No matter how oddly it may appear, you will be inclined to see the post because you know that a simple misinformation can easily damage your reputation. And this is exactly what the recent spam run we spotted, intended to do to its recipients.

A spam email has been circulating in the wild which contains a short message informing users of allegedly negative information about the recipients, which may damage his/her personal and professional reputation. It asks the users to click the URL, to view the supposedly comment. However, once clicked users are redirected to commercial websites, which could potential lead to information theft.

We noted that the spammed message seems ‘personalized’ as it uses the name of the recipients in the body of the email probably to trick users into thinking that it is indeed legitimate. The goal is simple, that is to arouse the recipients curiosity enough to visit the website they wanted the user to visit. While the sites it points to, does not lead to malware infection, other cybercriminals may possibly use this spam technique to launch other nefarious attack.

It is a good practice to always exercise caution and put some careful thought before clicking on any link found in emails.

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