Mother's Day Gift Spam Arrives Just In Time, Leads To Scam Site

 Analysis by: Mary Jen Sen Chua

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and with such an occasion, the purchasing of flowers as gifts is usually customary, and most likely companies will be taking advantage by providing discounts and offers online.

Of course, cybercriminals are just as enterprising, and would have tailored specific threats and scams in order to make money from the unsuspecting gift-shopper. The samples we recently received of a spam campaign taking advantage of Mother's Day proves this.

From how professional and legitimate the mail looks, it could be that it is in fact a legitimate mail, but copied by cybercriminals and used for their own malicious purposes. The content speaks mainly of buying flowers for your mother for the yearly occasion, with pleasant colors and text. But should the reader click on any of the links in order to get the promised offer, all they end up on is a scam site.

Trend Micro and its security offerings block all related spam and URLs related to this spam campaign.

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