Paul Walker Spam Arrives With Malware

 Analysis by: Emmanuel Nisperos

It’s been months since the death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker and yet this topic remains popular—for cybercriminals at least. We came cross spammed messages that use this topic to pique the recipients’ interest. The message declares that a third party was involved in the incident, with a photo of the supposed third party contained in the attachment. To further convince users to open the attachment, the email claims that there is a reward for reporting the alleged third party. Unfortunately, the attachment is actually malware, detected as WORM_MULJER.A.

Users should be careful when opening email attachments. It’s best not to open any attachments unless the sender can confirm the content of the email. They should also remember that cybercriminals are willing to exploit any interesting or news-worthy topic—including celebrity news—just to get someone to fall for their schemes.

The spam and the malware attachment are already detected and blocked by the security solutions powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™.

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: January 28, 2014 GMT-8
  • ENGINE:7.0
  • PATTERN:20468