London 2012 Olympics Promotional Spam

 Analysis by: Mark Christian Aquino

Cybercriminals often leverage sports events to launch their malicious activities against users. With months before the London 2012 Olympic Games, Trend Micro researchers have already spotted spammed messages riding this sports event. These spammed messages contain the subject, Win tickets to the 2012 London Olympics and purport to come from Visa Golden Space. It entices users to join a supposedly promotion to win tickets for London 2012 Olympic Games by clicking a URL. Once users clicked the link, they are redirected to the following malicious websites:

  • http://e.{BLOCKED}
  • http://e.{BLOCKED}'
  • http://e.{BLOCKED}

Trend Micro advises users to be wary of bogus promos even these came from seemingly known sources. It is also best to go directly to the source and ask if the promos are legitimate or not.

 SPAM BLOCKING DATE / TIME: April 03, 2012 GMT-8
  • PATTERN:8816