Detection and Response

Discover and respond to targeted attacks with advanced detection techniques

Protect your users with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Today’s advanced threats are designed to bypass traditional cybersecurity defenses and compromise sensitive corporate data by exfiltrating or encrypting it for ransom.

Effective detection and response solutions seek out these advanced threats and eliminate them before they compromise data.

Trend Micro has integrated layered advanced detection and response techniques into its Endpoint Protection Platform to leverage its automation and response capabilities. Machine learning (both pre-execution and run-time), vulnerability protection, behavioral analysis, application control, and other advanced techniques are designed to work seamlessly with your endpoint protection.

Add investigative EDR capabilities for better visibility

To fully understand how an advanced attack penetrated security defenses and how it morphed and spread to manifest itself into an enterprise, security researchers need to be able to build a Root Cause Analysis. The analysis is done by recording system events and behaviors and investigating the data. To that end, we offer two options:  

Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor

Endpoint Sensor

An optional component for Trend’s endpoint protection platform. Endpoint Sensor records system events and behaviors on endpoints, allowing threat investigators to search user telemetry for advanced threats using IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) or potential attacks using IOAs (Indicators of Attack).

Understand the entry, spread, and depth of attacks. The sensor can generate a root cause analysis and create a remediation plan.  

Trend Micro Managed Detection and Response

Managed Detection and Response Datasheet

Provides 24/7 alert monitoring, alert prioritization, investigation, and threat hunting services to Trend Micro customers as a managed servicer.

The MDR service collects data from endpoints, network security, and server security to correlate and prioritize alerts and system information and determine a full root cause analysis. Our threat investigators investigate on behalf of you and provide a full remediation plan.

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Why Trend Micro Detection and Response

User Protection

The Trend Micro User Protection solution is powered by XGen™ security, a blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques that protects your endpoint, email, web, and SaaS applications. Our smart, optimized, and connected technology ensures that everything is working together to give you visibility and control across the evolving threat landscape.

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