Zero Trust Secure Access

Continuously verify and assess each identity and device across your entire digital estate


Secure internet access with real-time insights

More than ever, businesses run on SaaS apps accessed over the internet.

  • Gain visibility into sensitive data processed and stored in SaaS apps
  • Identify risks and apply access control for sanctioned and unsanctioned apps
  • Implement trust-based, least privilege access control across the internet

Secure access to cloud applications with speed and control

Digital transformation includes migrating apps to public cloud environments

  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to data and critical information
  • Deliver secure access to SaaS apps, checking for policy violations and security risks
  • Monitor application activity and remain secure with continuous risk assessment

Secure access to business-critical resources with a modern approach

The work from anywhere (WFA) movement has become a reality for many organizations.

  • Securely connect your virtual workforce to private apps and corporate resources
  • Retire legacy VPN and bulky virtual desktop solutions
  • Introduce least-privilege, just-in-time access control


Gain Insight. Enforce Control. Reduce Risk.

Cloud-native platform expand_more

Cloud-native platform

Integrate attack surface risk management (ASRM), extended detection and response (XDR), and Secure Access (ZTSA) in a cloud-native platform. Enrich continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment to drive zero-trust architectures that support business objectives. Eliminate the inherent trust formerly placed upon unverified users and devices.

Gain visibility through all user and device behaviors.

Continuous risk assessment expand_more

Continuous risk assessment

Single point-in-time assessment of an asset’s risk gives a false sense of security. Analyze threat factors of identity, device, applications by implementing ASRM-powered continuous risk assessment. Change access to specific resources based on increases or decreases in risk. Gather and correlate telemetry data to automate decisions by leveraging Trend Threat Research and Intelligence.

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Secure Access capabilities expand_more

Full Secure Access capabilities

Enable access control, real-time data, and threat protection capabilities across your network, web, cloud, private apps, devices, and users – all from your Trend Vision One platform. Utilize Secure Access’ advanced capabilities, including Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Secure Access – Private Access and Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Secure Access – Internet Access.

Native integration expand_more

Native part of your zero-trust strategy

As part of the Trend Vision One platform, leverage our native integration to feed telemetry and context to your XDR operations. Reveal and prioritize risks for better decision making with our Trend Micro™ Zero Trust Risk Insights.

Our Zero Trust secure access solution

  • Implement micro-segmentation to specific resources
  • Respond to threats fast with dynamic access control powered by continuous risk assessments
  • Enforce least privilege access
  • Enable work from anywhere
Zero Trust Secure Access

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